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Here is the detail of Rachel Maddow Net Worth, Age, Career, Salary, and Marriage Life. Rachel Maddow is a political commentator from America. She is also an amazing television host and an outstanding author. Rachel Maddow was born on April 1973. She has a monthly income of dollar 3 million and a salary of dollar 20 million. Rachel Maddow has followed a personality from America. There is a show named The Rachel Maddow show which is hosted by her. This is a night television show. This show is telecast on MSNBC and also on NBC news. Rachel Maddow has also worked as a radio host. She has also won numerous awards because of her working in the hosting industry.

She is an exceptional journalist who has got famous in a very less time. Rachel Maddow has also been a columnist. Her hosting skills are outstanding due to which many international companies have taken her as a front host for their shows. Due to her journalism work, hosting and author work, she has been awarded numerous honors nationally and internationally.

Rachel Maddow Net Worth, Age, Career, Salary, Marriage Life

Rachel Maddow Net Worth:

Rachel Maddow has a net worth of about dollar 19 million. She is one of the highest-paid executives in the world. Rachel Maddow net worth is Dollar 90 million which she earns from different resources. Her MSNBC salary is Dollar 20 million. Her royalty income comes to about $5 million. Also, her investments and assets cost 57 million US dollars. She is earning a good amount of income through her hosting and political career. Rachel Maddow’s net worth is expected to increase in the upcoming years.

Rachel Maddow Marriage:

She has married Susan Micula. Susan Micula is an outstanding Artist and his specialization is in the photography industry. He has outstanding photography skills. He takes photos using polaroids and pinhole camera technology. These are older technologies. Through this Micula also earn a good amount of income. Both of them live in New York city sometime and sometimes in West Cummington. Both of them live happily together. They both enjoy their life and earn a handsome amount of money from their respective fields.

Rachel Maddow Career Details:

Rachel Maddow has pursued her career as a journalist, commentator, and also as television and radio host. Following are her career details. She has hosted a shown known as The Rachel Maddow show. She has also worked on the morning show known as morning Joes. Rachel Maddow has also worked for the Washington Post and The Guardian. She is the author of Two Famous drifts. It is known as the Unmooring of American Military Power 2012.

She has also worked as a radio host in 1999. Due to her amazing radio hosting, she was offered by Air America where she worked very consistently. She was also a regular contributor to a show named The Last Word with Laurence O’ Donell. Many awards are given to her because of her outstanding career. Peabody award and Walter Cronkite award is awarded to her in the field of journalism.

Rachel Maddow Salary:

She earns a good amount of salary from different sources, especially MSNBC. She earns both bonuses from this company as well as a fixed salary. Rachel Maddow has earned a salary of dollar 20 million as annually salary from this company. This is her fixed salary from MSNBC. She also receives a bonus of about $5 million from this company. This bonus is received by her based on the ratings of television shows. She earns the bonus according to the ranking of her shows. So her annual salary varies. Right now it is approximately more than 20 million US dollars.

Considering her salary in the previous years following are its detail:

  • Rachel Maddow earn a salary of 6 million US Dollars in 2020.
  • In 2021, it was increased to dollar 12 million. This was a double increase in her salary.
  • Then in 2022, she earn $15 million US dollars as her annual salary from different sources.
  • Now in 2023, her salary is raised to $20 million US dollars which is her fixed salary.

Rachel Maddow House:

She lives in an ultra-luxurious house. This house is located in Beverly Hills California. This house was bought by her for 29 million US dollars. This home is of Georgian style which has all the amenities included in it. There are 14 bedrooms and 12 bathrooms in this house. This house also comprises both outdoor and indoor swimming pools. She also has a tennis Court in her house. There is also a party and gaming area and also a home theatre in this luxurious house. Her house also includes a home gym, wine cellar, tea house, and many small gardens in this house. It is built with all the modern techniques. The house is the epitome of luxury and comfort.

Rachel Maddow Car Collection:

Rachel Maddow’s car collection is outstanding. She has many branded cars which are very expensive. All the cars are modern and luxurious. Following are the details and prices of all her cars:

  • Lexus RC 350, This car cost her dollar 400,000. It is a very expensive car. This is very beautiful and also the latest model.
  • Another car owned by her is Porsche Panamera. This car is the most expensive of all the cars she has bought till now. This car cost dollar 820,000. It is very unique and filled with outstanding technology.
  • The next car she owns is Genesis G70. The cost of this car is 450,000 US dollars.
  • Another car that is owned by her is Land Rover Defender. The cost of this car is 190000 US dollars. It is also a very luxurious car and it is the latest model.


Rachel Maddow is an amazing author. She is known for selling the best books. Selling her books also adds to her net worth. Her net worth has increased by about 45% due to her book publications. Many high-profile investors are interested in investing money with Rachel Maddow. She is an amazing person with a lot of followers on different social media profiles She poses a very luxurious lifestyle and her net worth is also very satisfying. She is an outstanding political personality and an exceptional author.

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