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In this article, we will tell you about Lawanda Page Husband, Bio, Net Worth, Career, and How She Died? So keep reading this article if you want to get detailed information about Lawanda Page. Lawanda Page was a famous comedian dancer and artist from the United States of America who has a reputation for getting the title of the queen of comedians. She was also referred to as the black queen of comedy. She was not only famous due to her amazing jokes but she was also a great singer. Most of her jokes were related to African American culture and religion.

She has released 5 solo albums and they were hit at that time. Her most amazing album was released in 1977 named watch it sucker. She has worked with various famous artists records and comedy groups like skillet and Leroy co. If we talk about her most amazing character he appeared in a famous television series named Sanford and Son in which she played the character of Esther Anderson. This character was liked a lot by the audience. Moreover, she has also worked on neither Arabian series which will be discussed in the coming paragraphs.

Lawanda Page Husband, Bio, Net Worth, Career, How She Died

Lawanda Page Husband:

Whenever you talk about your favorite personality the first question that comes to mind is their relationship status. She got married three times and was widowed all three times. For the first time she married at the age of 14 years and her husband died when she was 19 years old.

She had a daughter named Clara from this marriage. She got married to her third husband when she was in her 30s and her third husband also died. After that, she decided to never marry again.

The Early life of Lawanda Page:

Lawanda Page was born on 19th October 1920 in Ohio United States of America. Most of the time of her early life was spent in Cleveland. If we talk about her nationality she was American and her ethnicity is black. If we talk about the educational life of Lawanda Page he completed her school in education at promo local School of Cleveland. After completing her schooling education she got admission to the University of America to complete her higher education.

Moreover, talk about the family and parents of Lawanda Page he has not disclosed any information about her family. In the future, if we get any news about her family and siblings we will update you accordingly. The zodiac sign, not Lawanda Page is Libra and her birth element is Cardinal air. Further details about her early life are not available to us here but if we get any news we will share it with you.

Lawanda Page Career:

Lawanda Page has earned a lot of success and fame in her career life as she was a multi-talented comedian and singer. She has also appeared in various television projects. If you talk about the beginning of her career she began her career by participating as a dancer in the local night clubs. At that time she was referred to as the bronze goddess of Fire. She used to constantly smoke while dancing. When she showcased her skills as a dancer at night clubs one of her friend named Redd Foxx suggested she start standup comedy as he realize that she is a very good comedian.

Accepting the advice of our friend Lawanda Page started working as a standup comedian and she and a lot of success and fame as a comedian. Most of her jokes were related to African American culture sexuality religion and race. If we talk about her albums she has released various successful albums and one of her famous albums is watching it sucker. This album achieved gold album status in the United States of America. He also appeared in a series named Sanford and sons as Esther Anderson.

She has also appeared in various episodes of Dean Martin’s celebrity roast. Apart from that she has also appeared in family matters and different strokes. If you talk about her film career she has appeared in various films like mausoleum which was released in 1983, rest from the north goes South which was released in 1993, and don’t be a manner to South Central while drinking your juice in the Hood which was released in 1996.

Lawanda Page Net Worth:

Being a successful dancer, comedian, and singer Lawanda Page has accumulated a handsome net worth. If we talk about the exact figures of net worth it was almost 1 million dollars. We cannot comment on her lifestyle as she is no more in this world. But when she was alive she spent a decent lifestyle. Further details about the assets and cars which she kept during her lifetime are not available to us yet but if we get any news we will update you immediately.

How Lawanda Page died?

Lawanda Page died due to a heart attack on 14 September 2002. Therefore at the time of her death, she was 81 years old.

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