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Jenifer Vogel whose real name is Jennifer Lynne Sia was born in the United States of America in the 1970s. Jenifer Vogel is not a media person and there is very less information about her life and routine, yet we will try to cover the maximum information about her. She is a shy kind of person and has never been into any controversy on social media. Jenifer Vogel is the life partner of American basketball coach Frank Vogel.

They have been married since 2002. Jenifer Vogel has proven to be a very supportive wife as she has very amazing chemistry with Frank Vogel. She married Frank Vogel when he was an assistant for Boston Celtics. She has an undeniable role in managing family tasks as Frank remains busy due to his hectic routine. Her husband Frank Vogel is a famous NBA basketball coach.

jenifer vogel father

Jenifer Vogel’s Husband and Children:

Jenifer Vogel married an American basketball NBA coach Frank Vogel. The couple has been married since 2002. Frank and Jenifer performed their wedding in a special ceremony attended by their closest family and peers. Frank Vogel is a very influential personality in American Basketball. He also has served as the head coach for various basketball franchises like the Los Angeles Lakers, Orlando Magic, and Indiana Pacers of the National Basketball Association (NBA). He also has a reputation for coaching the Lakers in an NBA championship in 2020. Recently Frank Vogel has been fired from the Lakers on April 11, 2022.

Jenifer Vogel is the mother of two beautiful daughters, Arianna Vogel and Alexa Vogel. Alexa Vogel is elder while Arianna Vogel is younger. Alexa is 18 years old and, is studying at college. She often posts TikToks of her routine and what she gets up to day today. Moreover, Frank and her wife Jenifer Vogel have raised their daughters away from social media’s attention.

However, Frank often takes his children, Alexa and Arianna into social media interviews and press conferences. Apart from this, Jenifer’s daughters also attend his father’s game to support him. Jenifer Vogel is happily managing her domestic tasks and has never complained about Frank Vogel for his busy routine. Their bonding and chemistry is quite obvious from the fact that they have both been together since 2002.

Age of Jenifer Vogel and her Husband:

She was born in 1972 and is 50 years of age now. Meanwhile, her husband Frank Vogel was born in 1973 and is now 48 years of age. Jenifer is a heightened lady with a height of five feet six inches and weighs around seventy kilograms. Meanwhile, Frank Vogel’s height is five feet and nine inches, and his weight is 178 lbs.

Jenifer Vogel’s Job and Income:

Jenifer Vogel happily manages her household as a housewife. She is a dedicated housewife and takes care of her kids and husband. She doesn’t have any personal source of income, but being a wife of a successful NBA coach, the net worth of her family is around $9 million.

How did Jenifer Vogel support Frank Vogel as a wife?

Frank Vogel was an ordinary man when he met Jenifer. However, she supported her husband to the fullest. She was well aware that as a professional basketball coach, it was going to be a long while before her husband found success.

In their scenario, it took Frank almost twenty years since they married each other to become a winning basketball coach. He completely focused on his work and career, and thanks to Jenifer Vogel, the family’s major support system, he became able to achieve his desired objectives and goals. She has been his everything be it a partner or support. There’s no chance Frank would have accomplished whatever he has, had it not been for Jenifer Vogel.

Their story gives us multiple lessons to learn from Jenifer’s life and support. Her choices aren’t for everybody, and they shouldn’t be. It would be unjust to suggest that every lady should try to become like this lady. But yet there are a lot of lessons that we can learn from her.

Frank Vogel’s Coaching Career:

Frank Vogel has coached various Basketball franchises. He has coached the Lakers since 2019. Frank coached the Lakers in its 17th championship and the Miami Heat in the NBA Finals 2020. He has also remained as the head coach for the Indiana Pacers and Orlando Magic. Frank previously served as an assistant coach of the Pacers, Philadelphia, and Boston Celtics.

Why is Jenifer Vogel not into Social Media?

Frank Vogel’s wife Jenifer Vogel is an introverted kind of person. She is rarely seen on social media. The reason behind her less public exposure is her camera-shy nature due to which she keeps herself super private. She has kept her life private enough that over the years she has not been into social media.

Jenifer Vogel’s religion and ethnicity:

Jenifer Vogel belongs to a Christian family, but there is no clear-cut information about her ethnicity. She looks like a mixture of different races which makes her look more exotic. She doesn’t have any tattoos on her skin.

Jenifer Vogel’s Manhattan Beach House:

Jenifer Vogel’s husband Frank Vogel bought a worth-watching house in the Tree Section of Manhattan Beach for a price of $5.3 million. This newly built house features five bedrooms, seven bathrooms, and nearly five thousand square feet of spacious living area. To access each floor of the house elevators have been installed. Patios and balconies add additional beauty to the house.

Why did the Lakers fire Frank Vogel?

 Lakers had high expectations from Frank Vogel and the bowing down of the Lakers in the first round of the 2020-2021 season started speculations about Vogel’s incompetency. As the Lakers’ downfall continued, the job security of Frank Vogel came into question and on Monday he was fired from the Lakers. The question which is now circulation g on social media is about who will replace Frank Vogel as a coach.

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