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Jacqueline GuzmanHere is Jacqueline Guzman Net Worth, Profile, Relationship, and Controversy about her. Jacqueline Guzman is an American actress and known face. She has been a great actress and everyone’s favorite but now she is trending on social media because of her viral video trending. On her social media account, she shared a video of Jason Rivera’s funeral who was an NYPD officer. He uploaded the video on January 28th, 2022.

After uploading that video she faced huge criticism on social media from people. Due to this, she is now not on social media accounts. She has deleted and deactivated all of her accounts to avoid backlash from people.

She had given very mean and controversial about the funeral of the officer death. After that, she was backlashed on social media. After that, she also lost her film and was fired from the production company.

Jacqueline Guzman Net Worth, Profile, Relationship, Controversy

Jacqueline Guzman Net Worth:

After her controversial statement, people want to know about her net worth. But she has not much money, just a few thousand dollars. She is just a thread artist. Jacqueline Guzman works with multiple production companies. She does not have as much money as other Hollywood artists.

Early Life:

Jacqueline Guzman was born between 1995 – 1999 in Hialeah, Florida. She is around 22 – 26 years. She was raised there. There is no picture or information regarding her family members since she deactivated all of her accounts after criticism of her video.

Jacqueline Guzman Family:

Jacqueline Guzman belongs to Cuban demography. Her family background is very good. We didn’t find anything regarding her family. She is very close to her parents and siblings.

Jacqueline Guzman is a very good actress and she supports her family by earning money from her profession. She has one sibling with whom she has spent her childhood. She is a good daughter and sister.

Physical Appearance and Religion:

Jacqueline Guzman is 5 feet and 6 inches tall which is 1.67 meters and 167cm. She weighs about 52 kg and 114 lbs. She has black long hair. Her eye color is black. She is a follower and believes in Christianity.

Name Jacqueline Guzman
Date of Birth 1995-1999
Age 26 years
Profession Actor
Religion Christianity

Jacqueline Guzman Relationship:

As far as her marital status is concerned, she is unmarried and single. There is no controversy regarding her affairs and relationships. We even did not find anything on social media regarding her love life.

She never roomed around with any male celebrity or boy. In the future, she may be in the headlines regarding her personal and love life.


From her childhood, she wanted to become an actress. From a very young age, she was very passionate and crazy about her future profession. She was admitted to the American Academy of Dramatic Arts after she completed her schooling. Jacqueline Guzman continued her career as an actress.

She closely worked with professional filmmakers and the entertainment industry at her school. At that time she had polished her acting skills and after that, she showed her talent to the world by working on certain projects.

After she graduated, she got teacher training in Alexander’s techniques and Shakespeare showcase for the American Theater of Actors.

Jacqueline Guzman Career:

She is a known actor and producer. She has performed in many theaters shows under her production in New York after completing her degree. Jacqueline Guzman has her own production company and also worked for the company. She worked in Exhale; worked with face-to-face films. But when her video went viral she was fired from her own production house. She had to leave the face-to-face films. She started working with other theaters.

Her colleagues asked her and pressurized her to give an audition for the drama Almost Maine. After this audition, she decided to pursue her career as an actor.

Controversy about Jacqueline Guzman:

She got the spotlight when she was involved in the controversy regarding the funeral video of an NYPD officer. She made a mean and obnoxious statement regarding the funeral of the officer. Her statement was the headline of the news. Her video went viral like fire. Rivera’s funeral was sent from headquarters for other reasons. During this whole incident, people came out of their houses and gathered in the streets to pay tribute to the officer.

Jason Rivera was serving the New York police. He was an officer in the police department. There was a domestic incident in East Harlem. He died over there while performing his duties. So people were very shocked at his death because he was one of the youngest police officers in the department. So people came out in the streets.

At that time she was in New York. After seeing many people on the roads she uploaded a video that had very disrespectful language about a corpse. She said that what will happen if somebody would have a heart attack at this moment then where would he go? She also cursed the corpse.

Jacqueline further added that he died because he was not performing his duties correctly. She further added that many young people die daily but nobody came out for them on the roads.

After seeing the angry reaction of the people, she realized that she had done something wrong. She immediately deleted the video and deactivated her account. Even a woman with the same name as Jacqueline Michelle Guzman was threatened but she made a video on social media not to confuse her with the actresses. She was a 25 years woman who was a gymnastics coach and had an account on TikTok.

Then she and her sister could not withstand all the hateful comments. They made a video and said that they are not associated with the actresses. They also thanked their colleagues, friends, and family for their huge support during the whole scenario.

After that, the production companies with whom she was working said that such sort of behavior and disrespectful language were unbearable. The production company fired her from her projects. After this, she did not get work for many days to even months. She disappeared from social media and TV. She had to contact other production houses for work.

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