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In this article, you will get to know every detail about Jacob Hurley Bongiovi Age, net worth, biography, career, and weight. He was born in America and he celebrated his birthday on May 7, 2002. He is a very nice guy and talks with every person nicely. Jacob Hurley Bongiovi behaves with his servants and other people with respect and that’s the reason every person loves him. His family members also love him. Talking about his zodiac sign, then his zodiac sign is Taurus. When he was young, he went to school to seek education and he complete his schooling at Pennington school. It was located in New Jersey. He has done high school diploma with honors from this school.

He is a very famous personality. He is so much famous and has a lot of fans because of his parental heritage. His grandfathers are very famous and because of them he also became famous and now he is living in millions of hearts. He treats everyone nicely and this is the reason for his large number of followers on different accounts. He is very famous because of Jon Bon Jovi’s son. He is also famous because of his acting as he is a child actor. His fans are increasing day by day because of his amazing acting. Although he was famous because of his parents he also does acting as he likes to do it.

Jacob Hurley Bongiovi Age, Net Worth, Biography, Career, Weight

Jacob Hurley Bongiovi Net Worth:

As he is the child of a celebrity, so there are no sources for him to get income. His father’s income is enough for him to do whatever he wants to do in his life. His father’s net worth is $125 million. This amount is very large and Jacob Hurley Bongiovi doesn’t need to do anything because he buys everything from his father’s money.

At this time there is no net worth of him. His all expenses are paid with his father’s money and he enjoys his life a lot with this money. As his parents make the money for their children and they want to give their children the best life. So he is living the best life and he doesn’t need any work to do for buying the necessary items.

Jacob Hurley Bongiovi Age:

If we talk about Jacob Hurley Bongiovi age, then he is 20 years old guy and looks very handsome. At this very young age, he became very famous and people also adore his looks. His fans admire his beauty and love him because of his beautiful looks and style. At this age with muscles, he has 77 kg weight which is very good for a guy of his age. He always goes to the gym and focuses on his diet to maintain his physique. He never missed his gym routine and this is the reason for his smartness.

His height is 5 feet 11 inches. He looks awesome at this tall height and this tall height suits him. His hair color is of blonde color which suits him and his eyes are blue which looks very attractive. His fans love his eyes because the colors of his eyes are very rare in people. He has done piercing on his nose and ears and these suits on him. He is a very handsome guy and every single person falls for him when they saw him.

Career Details:

As he is famous because of his father who is a great musician yet he is a celebrity child. He is also an actor and social media personality. People are connected with him on social media and they love him. His fans want that he becomes more famous day by day. According to all news, he made his debut in the entertainment industry in 2019 through a series known as PeopleTV. He was famous because of his fabulous acting. He showed the world that he is the best actor also. Jacob Hurley is also working on a series called Sweetheart which will release in 2023.

Jacob Hurley Bongiovi Family:

Now we will talk about his family members, especially his parents who make him famous personality. His father’s name is Jon Bon Jovi. He respects his father a lot who is a popular rock legend and leader of the Ban Jovi music group. He always listens to his father’s point of view because he is the one who makes him popular in this world.  His mother’s name is Dorothea Hurley.

She is an American instructor and restaurateur. She always treats all her children equally and loves all of them. She proved herself the best mother and he loves his mother very much. He feels proud when any person recognizes him because of his parents. He has 1 sister and 2 brothers. His sister’s name is Stephanie Rose Bongiovi and his brother’s names are Romeo Jon Bongiovi and Jesse Bongiovi.

Jacob Hurley Bongiovi Followers:

He has a lot of fans. Because of his amazing acting and also by his looks, people love him and they show their love by following him on different accounts. His followers are increasing day by day and this makes him more famous and confident. He loves all his followers and tries to update them.

Instagram Followers:

If we talk about Instagram followers of him, he has a total of 1.2M followers on his Instagram profile. He has a lot of Instagram followers. His Instagram followers are very high compared to other celebrities of his age. He is so successful. He has posted a total of 40 posts now on his Instagram profile. His following list is 893 and these are the people he wants to follow. All his followers are his fan who won to see what is he doing. This is because he posts every day on his Instagram account and informs everyone about the latest news about him. He also posts his pictures.


Jacob Hurley Bongiovi is the son of an amazing actor. He belongs to America and is much known because of his father. His father’s name is Jon Bon Jovi. He has a good number of followers but his net worth is not defined as he doesn’t do much work. This is because he has enough wealth given by his father to enjoy life. He also has a good fan following on all social media platforms.

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