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In this article, we will tell you about Gilbert Arenas net worth, his early life, biography, career, and relationship status. Gilbert Arenas is a famous former American basketball player who is popular for his membership with the Washington Wizards.  He took the start of his career by joining NBA with Golden State Warriors. Gilbert Arenas played seven seasons with Washington Wizard before ending his professional career.

An interesting fact about Gilbert Arenas is that the number of his Jersey is zero. It is stated that he choose this number because his critics were of the view that he can only play zero minutes in a professional NBA Basketball match. He is also famous for other nicknames like Gilby and Hibachi. If we talk about Gilbert Arenas’ net worth he owns almost 20 million dollars of net worth.

Gilbert Arenas Net Worth, Early Life, Biography, Real Name, Age

Gilbert Arenas Net Worth:

Gilbert Arenas net worth is estimated to be around 20 million dollars. His major source of income is the basketball profession. Apart from this he also earns a handsome amount from paid promotion, collaboration and real estate.  After 2003 he was signed by the Washington Wizard for a contract of almost 6 years. This contract earned him almost 60 million dollars over the period of 6 years. In 2008 he was again signed by the Washington Wizard for the period of the next six years at a cost of around 111 million dollars.

He has earned 160 million dollars from endorsements during his whole career.  Gilbert has collaborated with various top-notch brands like Adidas and light switch. He has also earned a handsome amount from real estate through the sale and purchase of houses. In 2014 he purchased the house for 2.7 billion dollars and sold it at the price of 3.3 million dollars earning a profit of almost 0.5 million dollars.

Early Life of Gilbert Arenas:

Gilbert Arenas is a famous American basketball player who was born in Tampa Florida on 6 January 1982. After spending some of the early years of his life in Florida he shifted to Los Angeles along with his family. If we talk about this schooling of Gilbert Arenas he took admitted to High School. He was interested in Basketball since his childhood and he played many matches during his school life.

After completing his graduation he took admitted to the University of Arizona. He was so passionate about playing basketball that he played on the team of his University for almost two years. After completing his university education he became a member of the NBA draft and started his professional career as a basketball player. Further details about his family and parents are not available to us yet but if we get any news we will update you immediately.

How Gilbert Arenas started his career:

Gilbert Arenas is a famous American basketball player who has earned a lot of success and fame in his career. So now we will tell you how Gilbert Arenas started his career. He was interested in playing basketball since his childhood and he played various message in his education career with university teams. Gilbert was picked by NBA just after completing his graduation from university.

He has made a 6-year contract with Washington Wizard at a cost of 60 million dollars and 111 billion dollars. When he was picked by NBA he ranked 31st overall by the Golden State Warriors. He was fortunate enough to win an award at the start of his career.  Gilbert achieved the award of NBA’s Most Improved Player from the season of 2002 to 2003. He has also faced various legal issues during his career. In 2010 he was charged with the offence of carrying a gun without a license. He was also charged due to the possession of unloaded firearms in his locker in the Verizon centre in 2009.

Who is the girlfriend of Gilbert Arenas:

Whenever we talk about our favourite personalities the first question that comes to your mind is their relationship status. So, now we will tell you who is girlfriend of Gilbert Arenas?  Laura Govan remained his girlfriend from 2002 to 2014. They both are parents of four children.  Unfortunately, their relationship could not succeed and they decided to part ways in 2014.  During these 12 years, they have experienced break-ups and patch-ups many times.

An interesting fact about the relationship is that there was news regarding their marriage in 2012 but unfortunately they both parted ways in 2014. They both have also filed cases in court for the custody of their children which has posed many financial issues to Gilbert Arenas. Gilbert Arenas has not disclosed any plans for his marriage yet but if we get any news we will update you immediately.

What is the age of Gilbert Arenas:

Now we will tell you what is the age of Gilbert Arenas? Gilbert Arenas was born in Tampa Florida on 6th January 1982.  So, currently, he is almost 40 years old.

Physique and appearance of Gilbert Arenas:

Gilbert Arenas has a charming and funky personality. If we talk about his height he is almost 6 feet and 4 inches tall and his weight is around 98 kg which is ideal according to his body mass index. His tall height makes him prominent in the whole team. The colour of his eyes is black and his hair colour is also black.

If we talk about his sexual orientation he is a straight guy and is only interested in women. The zodiac sign of Gilbert Arenas is Aquarius. He is the follower of the Christianity religion and his nationality is American.

What is the real name of Gilbert Arenas:

Many celebrities and sportsmen keep their nicknames for the ease of their careers. So, now we will tell you what is the real name of Gilbert Arenas? The real name of Gilbert Arenas is Gilbert Jay Arenas Jr. He is also famous by the name of Hibachi and Gilby.

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