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Family is the ultimate power for life. We can leave everyone but not our family. However, in this busy era, it’s very hard to give time to your entire family. Most of us, live in different parts of the city and give an occasional chance to meet our family. So in this era, family photos are much more important to recall the memory spend together.

However, It is not always necessary To keep school bunch type family photos you may try to capture your best moments. According to our home improvement tips, they do not even look good on your walls.

To make our family photos more special, we are going to share some unique ways to take family photos.

The stair Family

Generally, when we are together we sometimes go for a holiday. if you are visiting an outdoor place or having a meal at your favorite restaurant, we can click beautiful family photos for this purpose we need to sit on these stairs. All you have to do is to make all your family members sit on the stairs.

Sitting is a very comfortable position where there is much scope for posing. It also represents the intimacy between the person’s sitting next to you.

So sit in a group of three to four on each stair and click a happy photo. The more steep stairs the more exotic the ultimate result will be. If you’re not out for me even try this in your home stairs. Try portrait mode for such kind of family pictures.

The Big Family Shoot

You may have faced a problem to keep your entire family in the same frame. If you click a photo from a distance, you may not have a clear picture of everybody. This is the problem, almost everyone in the world faces. so we have come up with a great solution. If you have a big family then you should try this technique. Firstly, keep four chairs in your camera frame. Let your oldest members sit on these chairs.

Let them hold the saplings of your family. Others should stand in the semi-circle around the chairs. They may stand on a bench behind the chairs. Also, let the youngsters sit upon their hips in front of the Adults.

These family photos tips are enough for seventeen to twenty people in one frame. Do not forget to try the landscape mode for your family photos.

The Window family

Using probes is very trending these days. Not only youngsters but adults enjoy this kind of photograph. If you have a big mansion or bought a house with a lot of windows, you may use it for your exotic family photos ideas. Let all your family members stand in different windows of the house and ask your friend to keep a picture of them. Just make sure that everybody makes interesting family photos poses. In minutes, you would have wonderful family photos with your family house. Otherwise, use certain props available to click different unique poses with your family members.


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