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In this article, we will tell you Collabro member dies, how he was near death, and what other members of Collabro are doing nowadays. So keep reading the article if you are a fan of the Collabro music band. Collabro is a famous music band group based in Britain that got famous and successful after they win the contest Britain Got Talent in 2014. The contest which they won was the 8th series of Britain Got Talent.

Collabro is basically derived from the word collaboration as the members of this group are collaborators and they work together for the success of their group. The group consists of Thomas, Mathew, Jamie, Michael, and Richard. One guy of the group named Richard left the group back in 2016 due to some personal reasons. The band has also won the national poll for UK’s favorite music band. The unfortunate news about Collabro is that one of its members was near death due to a dangerous hurricane hit. He saved himself in a bathroom and survived.

Collabro Member Dies - How He Was Near to Death

What is Collabro?

Collabro is a music band from the United Kingdom which has earned a lot of fame from its performances at various levels. The members of this band have named it Collabro as it was formed with the collaboration of its members. Moreover, the band came to highlight when it achieved the winning title of Britain Got Talent in 2014.

Apart from that, it has also remained successful in winning the national poll conducted to take the public opinion that which music group is performing best in Britain Got Talent and Collabro won this contest as well.

Collabro Member Dies:

News is circulating on social media that one of the members of Collabro has died in a natural disaster of Hurricane. In this article, we will tell you the truth behind this rumor. It is true that a member of Collabro named Michael Auger faced a very disastrous situation when a hurricane hit with a storm. He was in Saint Martin enjoying his holidays there. During his stay at Saint Martin in the Caribbean, a hurricane hit him with a storm and he had to escape to the bathroom of the hotel to save his life.

The hurricane was strong enough that various people got injured. Michael Auger remained for almost 8 hours in the bathroom waiting for the hurricane to stop. When the intensity of the disaster calmed down he got into the trap of the looters who were out there to loot the homes of displaced people. Fortunately, he was safe from the looters too, and is yet live. So, the member of Collabro was stuck in a difficult situation but has not died.

Where are Collabro members now?

Collabro members are together and one member of the group has left the band back in 2016. The singer who left the group is Richard Auger. He had some personal issues and he was fighting with some mental issues. He has stated that he is leaving the group for focusing on his mental health.

Many people criticized his decision as he was quitting his career but he answered them that this was the only option which he felt better. All the other members of the music band are still collaborating to make the band more famous. Some of them are single and some are taken. The details of their relationship status will be discussed in the coming paragraph.

Are Collabro members married?

Whenever we talk about our favorite celebrities the first question that comes to our mind is their relationship status. So now we will tell you are Collabro members married? The answer is mixed as some members of Collabro are single while some are in a relationship. Michael Auger who is 24 years old is currently single. Another singer named Jammie Lambert who is 23 years old is also single yet.

On the other hand, Richard who is 20 years old is dating someone and is taken. Another member named Thomas J Redgrave who is 24 years old is also taken. Matt Pagan who is 20 years old is also in a relationship. In the future, if we get any news about their marriage plans we will share it with you.

The song as Collabro member dies:

One member of Collabro named Michael Auger after facing so much disaster returned home on Wednesday. After coming back told him about the unfortunate event to his team members. All were astonished to hear about the fearful story.

They then decided to launch a song in collaboration with the team to pay tribute to the survivor of Collabro. They created a song “Lighthouse” as a charity song. And they decided to give the earnings of this song to the poor people having no shelter, food, or clothes. The song will soon be available on iTunes.

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