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Here you will get to know about Cathie Wood net worth, salary, career details, early life, and all other details about Cathie Wood. Cathie Wood is a very famous American investor and the founder of Arc investment Management Limited company. She is an amazing person having a great experience in the finance industry. She has been in the finance industry for over 40 years. Cathie Wood is also much known in the world of investment management. Cathy wood has completed her bachelor’s degree in Economics. This degree she has done from the University of Southern California. After doing her bachelor’s Degree, she started her career as an economist at the Capital Group company.

This is a financial services company where she spent a major part of her life. Cathie Wood is much famous on LinkedIn and Twitter. She has a huge fan following. She was born on November 22, 1955, in Los Angeles California. Cathie Wood is much known because of her popularity due to her investment management. She has also received many awards during her career in the finance industry. She has specialization in the telecommunication and the media sector. Cathie Wood has many investments. She has also invested in various emerging technology which has profited her a lot. Cathie Wood is also a regular guest on Financial news networks. She has also been featured in various publications.

Cathie Wood Net Worth, Career, Age, Biography, Awards

Cathie Wood Net Worth and Salary:

Cathie Wood takes a relatively modest salary. She is much famous due to which she earns a good amount of income. It has been revealed that her annual salary is Dollar 200,000. She has earned her net worth through various factors. These factors include Industries standards, financial investments, individual negotiations, and availability and performance in different companies.

Her income also comes from different social media accounts. Cathie Wood has gained this amount of net worth from her own financial investment company also. She is much famous now and earns a good amount of money as her salary and net worth. She also invests in other known brands and companies which also benefit her in terms of money.

Cathie Wood Career Details:

Cathie Wood is the CEO and founder of Arc investment management LLC. She has worked for more than 40 years in this company. After completing of her bachelor’s degree, she works as an economist at the Capital Group company. After that, she joined the Jennison Associates. This is an Asset Management Company. Here she worked as a portfolio manager and also as a research analyst. This is her specialization. After that in 1998, Cathie Wood founded her own investment company.

This company was known as Arc Investment Management Company. This company focuses mainly on investing in disruptive and innovative technology. She has gained a huge reputation for investing in emerging technology in a very less time. Cathie Wood is much known for her work in the finance industry. She has won several awards including the Morning Stars Fund Manager of the Year award in 2020.

Cathie Wood Earning from Capital Group:

Cathie Wood has received dollar 121K from the Capital Group company per year. She has served 3 years in this company. Her role was of the assistant economist. She has worked in this company since 1977. When she was introduced by her mother, she has made more than dollar 2 trillion under Capital Group company.

Cathie Wood Earning from Jennison Associates:

Cathie Wood has earned a yearly salary of more than dollar 108k from this Jennison Associates company. This is an investment company where she has worked as a financial analyst and portfolio manager. Jennison’s associate company is progressing as time is passing. She has earned a major amount of income from this company. After that, she joined other companies and start earning from them.

Cathie Wood Earning from Alliance Bernstein:

Alliance Bernstein company provides Cathie Wood an amount of dollar 400000 per year. Cathie Wood played the role of the Chief Information Officer of this Alliance Bernstein company. She has received more than dollar 400k per year. She has worked here with dedication for 12 years. Cathie has also managed to earn a good amount of income from this company. She also has provided her best performances in this company as a great economist and finance manager.

Cathie Wood House Collection:

Cathie Wood lives in a luxurious house. This house is located in Wilton, Connecticut. She lives in this beautiful house with her family. It is an ideal location with all the prime facilities available near her house. Her house is very expensive and filled with all the amenities. You will find all the modern facilities. Also, this house is built on a modern theme with a very beautiful interior and exterior look.

Cathie Wood Instagram Followers:

Cathie Wood has a total of 1 million followers on her Instagram account. She has only 24 followers on this account. She has posted 29 posts up till now. Cathie Wood is a known investor and a financial analyst. She has posted many photos of herself and different photos were taken during her career. Cathie Wood is a great investor. She also owns a finance company which is progressing time by time.

Cathie Wood is much followed because of their amazing looks and her career performance. She is getting fame day by day because of her outstanding contributions to the economic and finance industry. She is one of the richest celebrities in the world and is earning a good amount of income from different sources.

Cathie Wood Twitter Followers:

Cathie Wood is the founder and CEO of ark invest. She has a Twitter account of 1.5 million. She has joined Twitter on February 2014. Cathie Wood has done 5962 tweets on her Twitter account. She has 370 followers. Cathie Woodis an amazing Women’s advocate, economics, and portfolio manager. She is followed not only on Instagram but she has a much known following on Twitter and LinkedIn.

Cathie Wood Awards:

Cathie Wood has received numerous awards during her career in the finance industry. Following are some of the awards that she received by her:

  • Morningstars’ Fund Manager of the Year Award was received by her in 2020. She won this award in the United States which indicates her outstanding managerial performance.
  • Forbes Top Women Wealth Advisor Award was won by her in 2021. She was included in the list of top women wealth advisors which indicates outstanding women in the finance industry.
  • She has also appeared and was named in the time 100 most influential people in the year 2021. She has a great impact on the culture and society.


Cathie Wood has gained a good reputation in the finance industry. Her net worth is approximately 200,000 dollars. She do many financial investments which benefit her in return. She earns a good amount of salary from different companies in which she has worked. Cathie Wood has a beautiful house and cars. She is also becoming more famous time by time. She has also received many awards in her financing career.

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