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Are you the one in a famous reality show in which the contestants participate in a matchmaking algorithm? Through this matchmaking algorithm, one male is attached to another female to make a couple. The fans of this famous reality show want to know that are you the one season 4 Where are they now. The scores of the matches are made according to the interactions and relations that every couple makes with each other. The contestants also have a chance to win almost a million dollars if they effectively choose their partner.

Are you the one Season 4 Where are They Now - Complete Detail

Any unsuccessful attempt may decrease the chances of winning the money. This reality show is basically an American television series in which single individuals are provided with an opportunity to find their love.  This television series was filmed in Maui and was aired on 13 June 2016.  The cast of the reality show consists of 20 contestants of which 10 are males and ten are female.  Now we will tell you are you the one season 4 Where are they now.

Are you the one season 4 where are they now:

In this exotic reality show, four couples managed to win the Perfect Match. The other cast which did not get the perfect match in the show is spending their lives in different ways. Someone is married now while someone is still single. The fans of the series loved this reality show so much that they are interested in knowing about the current routine of the couples. Now we will tell you are you the one season 4 Where are they now.

Mikala Thomas and Cameron Kolbo – Are you the one season 4:

Mikala Thomas and Cameron Kolbo are among those couples who fortunately got their best match. They also have a record of being the first couple to have the perfect match in the complete history of this reality show. They also had a perfect bonding throughout the season. After the shooting of this reality show, they both moved in a pair together to give a chance to their relationship. Although the couple performed well in the reality show in reality they could not manage to live together in a relationship and they parted their ways in 2017.

A good thing about this couple is that they have not taken their break up seriously and are enjoying their single life again.  Mikala is a social media influencer who keeps trying to engage her fans and make her followership strong. On the other hand, Cameron is mostly seen enjoying himself, travelling and living his life to the fullest. Although Cameron is still single Mikala has got engaged with Joe Torgerson. They both got engaged in August 2020.  They kept the relationship secret before officially telling their fans.

Alyssa Ortiz and Sam Handler – Are you the one season 4:

The fans of are you the one season 4 have such an attachment with its couples they want to know are you the one season 4 Where are they now.  Now we will tell you about Alyssa Ortiz and Sam Handler.  At the start of are you the one season 4, Alyssa and Sam came into a relationship and strong bonding. Although they did not get into proper coupling until the 6 weeks of the reality show they were mostly seen together.

In the sixth week of this reality show, Sam and Alyssa realized that they are the best match for each other.  Then they started dating in the honeymoon room.  Unfortunately, with time their relationship got disturbed and they realized that they are not made for each other so they parted ways.

Currently, Alyssa is working as a producer for Salvi Media. It is also observed that she is now dating Kevin Melaniphy and she also travelled to Los Angeles with him.  On the other hand, Sam is not a social media guy and he keeps his life secret. So currently we do not know that there is Sam but if we get any news about him we will update you as soon as possible.

Emma Sweigard and Prosper Muna – Are you the one season 4:

Emma and Prosper were initially observed to like each other. When they came into a relationship and went to the honeymoon room they realized that this is not a perfect match and they parted their ways. Since then Prosper has started his career as a musician and married a beautiful girl. He also has three beautiful children. On the other hand, Emma is running her own business of a beauty brand. Emma married Mitchel in 2021.

Julia Rose and Cam Bruckman – Are you the one season 4:

Julia and cam were made a couple by the matching algorithm in the 9th week of the reality show. Although they were not interested in each other so they decided to not come to any physical relation. Currently, Cam is enjoying a happy married life with Carolina.  On the other hand, Julia is dating boxer Jake Paul and is working as a co-host on the podcast the Shitshow.

What is the other cast of ‘are you the one’ doing?

The fans not only want to know about the perfect match for the reality show.  They are also interested in knowing what the other cast are you the one doing. Morgan Pierre and Tori were not perfect matches according to the matchmaking algorithm but in order to make their future, they made a beautiful bond with each other during the show. But with time their romance ended.

After the completion of the show, Stephen and Julia were seen together trying to make a bonding. Their relationship also ended and they parted ways. Kaylen has become a famous social media influencer while Francesca has made her career as a vocalist. Giovanni has started his career as a professional boxer. Some contestants like Victoria and Cammili have decided to keep their life secret and avoid the spotlight of social media.

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