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A turbine is a complex technology that increases the power of a motor. If this part breaks down, it will not be critical, but the engine will not be able to fully operate without a turbine. Be sure to find out the symptoms that indicate that the part will soon fail and will have to be repaired. The sooner a breakdown is detected, the less money you will have to spend on repairs. In this article, we will look at the symptoms that point directly to problems with the turbine, however, if you want to sell your car or use a car life expectancy calculator JunkCarsUs will help you with it.

What is a turbine in a car?


A turbine is a mechanical device in a car that is used to supply pressurized air to a combustion chamber. The main task of the device is to increase the power of the motor without increasing its working volume. If a turbine is installed, it will be able to provide a fifty percent increase in engine power. The units are used not only in gasoline engines, but also in diesel ones.

Causes of turbine failure


There are a huge number of reasons why the turbine does not work. To avoid various problems, it is necessary to service the vehicle in a timely manner and regularly do maintenance. If you want the part to work for a long time, you should find out the reasons that will reduce its service life.


Causes of turbine failure:


  1. Overheat. If the driver overheats the oil in the engine, this will lead to a quick breakdown of the turbine. Overheating happens when a person regularly pushes the tachometer needle into the red zone.


  1. Poor quality lubricant. If the oil is of poor quality, this will lead to the formation of waste in the turbine. Solid particles can damage turbocharger bearings.


  1. Bad fuel. If the gasoline is of terrible quality, this will lead to the formation of strong soot. Plaque reduces the efficiency of the engine. You need to refuel only with high-quality diesel or gasoline.


  1. Mechanical damage. If solid objects and dust get into the turbocharger, it may be damaged. Most often, debris comes from the suction manifold. To avoid such a problem, it is necessary to change the air filter along with the oil.


Now you know why the turbine does not work, the reasons were indicated above. It is enough to regularly change the oil, and air filter, use only high-quality gasoline, and prevent overheating of the turbine. Then it will be possible to avoid various breakdowns, and the car will work well.

How to understand that the turbine is not working


Many owners want to know why the turbine is not working. You should look for the first symptoms that indicate that there are some problems with the part. Perhaps they are the possible cause of the malfunction. Be sure to listen for signs of a turbine failure.


How to figure out that the turbine is not working:


  1. Certain signals are displayed on the dashboard.
  2. Blue smoke comes out of the exhaust pipe when the car accelerates strongly.
  3. Black exhaust gasses come out of the pipe. Most likely, there was an air leak in the injection lines.
  4. White smoke from the chimney. There is a high probability that there is a blockage in the turbine oil drain line.
  5. Oil is consumed quickly and smudges remain on the turbine.
  6. The dynamics of the acceleration of the car worsened.
  7. The engine makes a lot of noise during operation.
  8. Oil leak near the compressor. This happens when the correct operation of the lubrication system is disturbed.
  9. Poor quality oil and low oil pressure.
  10. The engine runs rough at idle and the spark plugs are flooded.


Now you know the signs that indicate that the turbine has broken. It will be possible to drive a car, but it is very harmful to the engine. It is best to take the car to a car service so that the masters find the cause of the breakdown and eliminate it. Driving a car with a broken turbine should only be done in emergencies. The longer a person does not repair a car, the more expensive the repair will cost him.


What to do if the turbine breaks down?


Do not drive if the diesel turbine is broken. This can lead to serious problems and costly repairs. If a turbine malfunction has been detected, it is necessary to immediately contact a car service to repair the breakdown. You can not drive a broken car, otherwise, it will lead to the fact that it will stop starting and working.


The consequences of driving a car with a broken turbine:


  1. A large amount of fuel will be consumed.
  2. Gasoline can mix with oil and enter the exhaust system, causing catalytic converter damage and valve sticking.
  3. The engine injectors will suffer greatly.


When the turbine does not work on a diesel engine, you must immediately contact a car service. You should not wait until the problem disappears by itself, as this will not happen. This can only lead to other malfunctions.

Useful tips and tricks


To prevent the turbine from breaking down, certain measures must be taken in advance.




  1. Boost pressure should always be monitored.
  2. Change air filters regularly.
  3. Every 3-4 thousand miles do an oil change.
  4. Warm up a vehicle that runs on a diesel engine.


If you properly care for the car, diagnose the turbine, and service it, you can avoid serious breakdowns.

Final thoughts


Turbine problems in a car can be avoided if the car is properly serviced. However, there is a chance to save a car whose turbine is already in serious trouble. If you want to get rid of your car for one reason or another, then JunkCarsUs is a reliable company to sell a vehicle in any condition. You can be sure that the sale process will be quick and safe.


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