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The trees in the house look very beautiful. People plant trees to decorate their homes. Some trees are beneficial in many ways. Trees are useful to filter the air. It sounds good to plant trees in a house because the tree plantation is environmentally friendly. Apart from the benefits of tree plantation, it would help if you considered the disadvantages of trees in your house. If you plant a tree in your house, select the appropriate place and tree. Select only indoor trees. If you plant outdoor trees in your house, it will be harmful to you in the future. Indoor trees are safe to grow, but they will require much care. All you need to do is to plant the trees.

Modern indoor trees are used to decorate the house. Their growth rate is very slow, and they will fulfill the purpose of the plantation. Trees in place provide a natural environment and fresh air to breathe. Some people have an ideal love for the trees. They prefer to change the house design rather than remove or cut the tree. This is also a very distinguished thought. They not only preserve nature, but their house gets a wonderful design. Modern indoor treehouse designs are much popular. The children have a special attraction towards the tree houses. These treehouses are a special source of wholesome entertainment.

Trees in house

Where to Plant a Tree in House

The best place to plant a tree is a courtyard. If you have a passion for planting trees in the house, then leave a specific area for plantation. You can spare the place according to the plantation ideas. It is important to decide such things before designing a house. This will help you to develop a very beautiful and perfect house. It looks impossible to plant trees in the courtyard. People cannot afford to leave so much area for plantation. In this modern age, they have fully covered houses.

They have only one option. They can plant indoor trees. These indoor trees occupy minimal space and create a unique look. You can change their location from time to time. Every time you change the tree’s location, it will give a new look to your room. You can replace one tree with another subject to its suitability. Modern treehouse designs are also perfect for a soothing environment. These treehouses are also modern ideas to save money and utilize the space best.

Most Suitable Trees and Ideas

It looks very interesting to plant trees in a house. People have their liking and disliking for plants and trees. Here we will discuss different modern indoor trees and ideas about house designs.

Areca Palm

Areca palm is also known as golden cane, yellow, and butterfly palm. This tree areca palm is one of the best modern indoor plants. It is an evergreen plant with fine thin leaves. These leaves look very decent and make the interior comforting for the residents. You can take care of the plant without any trouble. The life of the plant is almost ten years.

All you need to do is to place the plant in light. It can absorb the pollutants from the air. It will provide you with the best quality of air for breathing. Excessive oxygen will make the environment so relaxing that you feel fresh and healthy. The size of the plant can be controlled by regular trimming. A small pot will also maintain its growth rate.

The Bird of Paradise

The bird of paradise is also known as the queen of indoor plants. Its wide leaves make it much beautiful. A high quantity of sunlight will speed up its growth. The sunlight is also necessary for the plant to give more flowers. Insufficient light will affect the size of the plant and flower. The plant needs water and humidity, but excess water will be harmful. It is easy to take care of the plant.

The bird of paradise will grow perfect in the window facing towards the sun. The life of the plant depends upon its look after. It would help if you cut the brown leaves at the proper time. It is also your responsibility to water the plant properly and fertilize it when required.

The Bird of Paradise

Rubber Plant

The other names of the rubber plant are the rubber fig, rubber bush, and rubber tree. A rubber plant is a very beautiful plant. Its leaves are soft and beautiful. Leaves color makes it much attractive. The bright light is necessary for its healthy growth. You have to place the plant near the window where the light can serve the plant to grow well. It is a suitable indoor plant as it can survive in low light. Leave of a rubber plant is the best one to clean the air. It is convenient to put inside as it is not harmful to anyone. It has anti-inflammatory characteristics. You do not need to take great care of the rubber plant.

Rubber Plant

Fiddle Leaf Fig

The botanical name of the fiddle leaf fig is ficus lyrata. Fiddle leaf fig is one of the most beautiful modern indoor plants. You can select this plant to improve your house designs. The plant is very costly. Its leaves are wide enough. Its roots are thick. It needs plenty of sunlight. It will be best for the plant to place it in a window to get maximum sunlight for the top part of the day. Its leaves shape is elegant. The leaves on a narrow trunk make it much beautiful.

Fiddle Leaf Fig

Ponytail Palm

Ponytail palm is one of the most graceful modern indoor plants. When looking for modern indoor treehouse designs, you should select this plant part of your beautiful house. It is also called elephant foot. It is a very beautiful plant. Its stem has an artistic look. It gives an ornamental look to the room. It can adjust in normal light, but good sunlight will make it happier and healthier. This plant can grow up to 6 feet. You have to water the plants when it is needed.

Ponytail Palm

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