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Towel storage ideas for small bathrooms can help you keep your towel safe. The bathroom is not the best place to store towels there. You can easily access the towel when you need it, so you prefer to store it there. The towel is a daily use item. It would help if you adopted precautionary measures while storing the towel there. You can store the bath towels or hand towels in the bathroom but make sure that the chances of contamination are almost zero.

Before storing the towel in the bathroom, make sure that the towel is moisture-free. Towel storage ideas will help us find the best ways to store towels in small bathrooms. You can do it yourself as it is unnecessary to construct a new structure. You can store towels in the bathroom by adding simple gadgets to your small bathroom. Let’s discuss amazing ideas that can help us find the best possible solutions.

Towel storage ideas

Towel Storage Ideas for Small Bathrooms

Use of Basket to Store Towels

You can fix a basket in one corner of the bathroom. This wall-mounted basket will don’t let it fall. The size of the basket depends upon the size of the towel or the number of towels. Select a fancy but durable basket to make your bathroom amazing and attractive. Furthermore, you can select the designs according to your bathroom’s space and other conditions. You can use a tower of baskets. These hanging baskets will save a lot of space.

Use of Basket to Store Towels

Wall Mounted Floating Rack

Hanging a rack for the towel is very common. Basically, it has shelves to place bathroom gadgets. Its upper and lower ends are designed to hang the towel.  You can spread the towel on it. Spreading the towel will keep it dry and will look beautiful.  This style of displaying towel acts as a curtain on the wall. A colorful towel will make the wall decorated and good-looking.

hanging rock for towel in washroom

Installation of Knobs to Hang Towel

You can fix knobs as per your requirement to hang towels or something else. You must take care of one thing that knobs are installed in the proper place. Maintain the knob to save your towel from water drops.  It should be away from the shower. A knob doesn’t occupy any space. You can hang your towel with care so that it won’t slip from there.

Installation of Knobs to Hang Towel

The Cabinet Under the Sink

The area under the sink remains useless. This space in the bathroom can be covered by installing the cabinet. You can store the towel in the cabinet. This air-tight cabinet will keep the towel safe from moisture or other contaminated material. This addition of a cabinet will give a new look to the sink, and the overall environment of the bathroom will become attractive.

Cabinet under the Sink

Wall Mounted Grill

An amazing DIY towel storage idea is to fix a grill on the wall. You can fold your towel and place it inside the grill. The grill is designed to hold the towel tightly. This grill contains two or three rods to support the towel and ensure safety. The grill can be made attractive by applying paint in suitable contrast with the color of the walls. The tiles on the wall will keep the towel neat. If the wall doesn’t contain the tile, apply wallpaper to keep your towel neat and clean.

Rack over the Door

The space over the door of the bathroom is of no use. You can make it useful by adding a rack over there. This place is mostly away from the shower. A rack can hold the towel in rolled shape.  A wooden rack will look very attractive, and the top of the rack will work as a shelf.

Ladder Rack in the Bathroom

A ladder rack can hold the towel without folding it. It is called a ladder rack due to its ladder-like shape. It can be made up of wood or metal. A ladder made up of steel will be very beautiful and durable. More than arms can hold other towels or clothes. You can hang these ladder racks on the wall or along with the bathroom door.

Wooden Racks to Store Towel

A pile of wooden racks is one of the best towel storage ideas. This pile is fixed in a corner where you believe that water will not affect the towel. These holes in the wall create a design and look fascinating.

Closet in the Bathroom

You can construct a closet in the bathroom to store your towel and many other things. You can fix a glass door in the closet. A transparent glass door will display the items in the closet. Mirror glass will create an amazing look for the bathroom. This closet in the wall will also save some space.

Moveable Storage Rack

Designers have provided a moveable rack to store towels in the bathroom and several other items.  Its quality to move from one place to other makes it distinctive. You can place it in the bathroom when it is necessary. Otherwise, you can put it outside the bathroom.

Floating Shelves in the Bathroom

Floating shelves on the wall look very beautiful. Colorful towels create a vibrant display.

Hand Made Baskets

Hand-made baskets look very beautiful. You can use it to carry a towel to the bathroom. You can easily place it in the bathroom or can hang it with the help of a knob. These baskets are also good for any other purpose when it is not in the bathroom.

Hanging Rod

You can fix a rod to hang the towel. You have to select the place where it will be safe. It should be high enough and should not be a hurdle. Beautiful steel rods are a really good idea to meet the purpose.

Utilizing the Door

Utilizing the inner side of the bathroom door is also an amazing idea. You can fix hangers to hang towels over there. You don’t need to work a lot on it. It is cost-effective and good-looking.

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