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In this article, we will be discussing the biography and other information regarding Suzanne Marie Sevakis. Suzanne Marie Sevakis is also known as Sevakig. She was born on 9th September 1969. Suzanne Marie was a businesswomen and media personality. She belongs to the United States of America. Suzanne Marie is known because she was kidnapped by her mother’s third husband. His name was Franklin Delano Floyd. He belongs to America and was known as a murderer and rapist.

According to the different sources of information, the kidnapper Floyd kidnapped Suzanne when she was a child. Later on, when she grew up he got married to her. Her date of death is 30th April 1990. Nobody knows how was she murdered and what was the reason for her murder.

Suzanne Marie Sevakis Biography, Height, Age, Death Date

Suzanne Marie Sevakis Biography:

Early Life:

We have already discussed their date of birth Suzanne which is 9th September 1969 in California, united states of America. She follows Christianity. At the time of her death, she was just 20 years old. She was kidnapped and murdered by her stepfather.

Suzanne Marie Sevakis Education:

There is little information about her educational background. She went to the local school in America.  She also went to university and done graduation. Only this information is present on the internet.

Suzanne Marie Sevakis Family:

According to different sources and research, her father’s name is cliff sevak and her mother is Sandra Chipman. She has no siblings, the only child of her parents.

But she has step-siblings. Her brother’s name is Philip Steven Brandenburg. She has 2 step sisters Allison and Amy. She has these siblings from her mother’s other marriages. Her mother got married to Floyd in 1975. Floyd raised Suzanne when he came into her life.

Personal Life:

She got married to her stepfather Floyd. He is the same person who raised her when she was a child. They both got married to one another in 1989 in Louisiana. During their wedding, they had fake names such as Tonya Dawn Tadlock and Clarence Marcus Hughes.

She had also a relationship with her boyfriend Kevin Brown. Suzanne Marie got married to Brown. She also had two children from her husband Floyd. The names of her children are Michael Anthony Hughes and Meghan Durfresne. According to sources her child Michael was murdered by her stepfather and husband Floyd.

Suzanne Marie Sevakis Physical Appearance:

Talking about her physical appearance, she is 5 feet and 6 inches tall which is 1.67m. She weighs about 55 kg or 121 pounds. She has beautiful blonde hair and blue eyes.

Suzanne Marie Sevakis Career:

Talking about her career and professional life, people say that she was working in a strip club. One of her friends in the club told her that she should not stay with her husband Floyd. If would have done that she might get out of that net of her husband’s conspiracies.

Death Story:

The death story of Suzanne is very scary. She was the only child of her parents Cliff and Sandra. In the year 1975, her mother Sandra got married to a man named Franklin Delano Floyd. After getting married to Sandra Floyd and Sandra moved to another city Dallas. The couple had taken their children along with them.

After some time of getting married, Sandra was jailed for the bounced check. She was in the prison for more than 30 days. When she came out of the jail she noticed that two of her children Suzanne and Philip are kidnapped by her husband Floyd. While her other two children were taken care of by babysitters.

Both of them have hidden their identities from the public. Even the couple also got married with fake names. After getting married she came to know about her husband he is murdered by a rapist. She was in a long relationship with her boyfriend Brown. Both of them ran away. But in 1990 she was murdered by her Floyd in Oklahoma City.

On investigating the case, it was revealed that Suzanne was sexually abused by her husband. Police found the picture of Suzanne in their pickup truck Floyd. They also found that he had already sexually abused other people a female and a young girl.

Upon DNA analysis, it was proved that Floyd was the real murderer of his wife. He was punished with 52 years in jail. Now according to the sources, he is on the verge of death but not exact position and situation are still unveiled. Her body was found on the road with some grocery items around her body.

A Netflix series was released on 6th July 2022 named Girl in the Picture.

Frequently Asked Questions

1. What do you know about Suzanne Marie Sevakis?

Ans. She was a social activist, media personality, and member of the Strip Club. She worked in a strip club where one of her friends asked her to stay away from Floyd.

2. To whom Suzanne Marie Sevakis was married?

Ans. She was married to Franklin Delano Floyd in the year 1989.

3. Who was the boyfriend of Suzanne Marie Sevakis?

Ans. Her boyfriend’s name Kevin Brown was in a relationship with Suzanne.

4. How many children does Suzanne have?

Ans. She has 3 children named Michael Hughes, Megan Dufresne, and another.

5. Name the step sisters and brothers of Suzanne Marie Sevakis.

Ans. According to the source of information, she has 3 step siblings named Allison, Amy, and Philip.


This article, there is all the required information about Suzanne Marie Sevakis. We have discussed early life i.e. Date of birth, birthplace, nationality, etc. Moreover, we have discussed all the information regarding her personal life, relationships, and career of Suzanne. Along with that, the most important is the information regarding her death, her murderer Floyd, and some frequently asked questions.

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