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Here in this article, we will be discussing the complete Ryan Upchurch net worth, biography, salary, physical appearance, and relationship details of Ryan Upchurch. Ryan Upchurch is a great American rapper. He is an outstanding songwriter as well. Ryan Upchurch belongs to America and is 31 years old. He has a net worth of about dollar 6 million. This net worth is gained by him through his rapping career. He also possesses a monthly income and salary of more than $30,000.

His yearly income and salary are more than $0.4 million. Ryan Upchurch has a lot of followers on his social media account. This is because of his outstanding rapping. He also has many subscribers on his YouTube channel. His official YouTube channel is also very famous. It comprises many videos of his rap songs.

Ryan Upchurch Net Worth, Bio, Salary, Height, Weight, Profession

Ryan Upchurch Net Worth:

The net worth of the famous American rapper Ryan Upchurch is approximately dollar 6 million. It has been estimated from different sources. Overall, he has $10 million in his life. But he has spent dollar 7 million out of this amount on his studio. He has made an outstanding studio which is very big and famous. This studio is located in Nashville. He has also produced music from many known albums.

There are more than 60 songs that have been produced by him in his career. Ryan Upchurch’s net worth keeps on increasing. Right now, it is Dollar 6 million as of 2023. He also gets a good amount as his monthly salary. All the money adds to his net worth and he lives a very luxurious life with his family in America.

Instagram Followers:

Ryan Upchurch is also a social media star. This is all due to his rapping skills and the outstanding songs produced by him. He has a total of 782K followers on his Instagram profile. He has posted a total of 1600 posts up till now on his Instagram account. There are 1725 followers on his Instagram profile. Ryan Upchurch is known for his outstanding rapping skills. His wrapping is much loved by youngsters. The youth of America is a complete fan of the raping of Ryan Upchurch. The demand for his songs continuously increases as the craze of rapping increased among the people. He is much famous on Instagram and posts a lot about himself and his albums.

YouTube Subscribers:

Ryan Upchurch also has a YouTube channel. This YouTube channel is also very famous. He posts his rapping videos and other song videos on his YouTube profile. There are 3.09 million subscribers on his YouTube channel. They are much more than the followers on his Instagram profile. A total of 482 videos have been uploaded by him on his YouTube channel. His YouTube channel grows very fast. This is all because of his consistency and the outstanding songs produced by him.

Ryan Upchurch Physical Appearance:

Ryan Upchurch is a tough and tall person. His height is 1.75 m. He possesses a weight of 76 kgs approximately. He is one of the favorite celebrities of the fans. This is because they love his physical features. He is 31 years old right now. But he looks very young according to his age. Ryan Upchurch has a very dashing personality. His raping career provided him with much fame but along with it, his physical appearance also adds much strength to his popularity.

Early Life:

Ryan Upchurch was born on 24th May 1991. His birthplace is Cheeatong Counting, Tennessee. This is a small town where he spent his childhood. He did fish and hunted in his childhood. When he was in high school, he started writing music. After writing many times, he developed outstanding skills in writing music. Ryan Upchurch writes rap lyrics mostly.

In 2014 the first album of Ryan Upchurch was released. This album gets a much more fan following because of its amazing style and quality. Ryan Upchurch also has a very humourous commentary style. He loves to do commentary humorously and post videos about it on his social media profiles. He has been posting a lot of videos doing different activities in the countryside.

Ryan Upchurch Relationship Details:

Ryan Upchurch had a girlfriend before. But he is married now. His girlfriend’s name was Briana Vanvleet. But now he is married and his spouse’s name is Taylor Eileen Smith. He also has a child named Raelynn Ann Rae. Ryan Upchurch with family’s lives is very luxurious and modern life in America. He lives in a very beautiful house. It is very spacious and big. Ryan is sharing an outstanding bond with his family and they live very happily together.

Ryan Upchurch Career Details:

  • Ryan Upchurch made his extended play first time in 2015. Its name was Cheatham County. On the Billboard Country Charts, it was ranked 29. On the rap charts, it was ranked 8 on the Heatseekers chart bomber.
  • Then in 2016, he released a studio album. This was his debut studio album named Heart of America. On the Heatseekers chart, it ranked number 5.
  • In 2016 same year, another full-length album was released by Ryan Upchurch. It was named Chicken Willie. On the US Heatseeker chart, it ranked number 1.
  • Then in 2017, another album by Ryan Upchurch was released. It was Son of South.
  • He also does a partnership with Redneck Nation.
  • Then in the next years, he made 12 studio albums.
  • He also released an album in 2018. It was titled Creeker. This album ranked 35th number on Billboard 200. On the Country chart, it was in 5 positions. On the Rock Charts, it got the 6th
  • His other album named Parachute also got much success.


Ryan Upchurch has released many rap and studio albums. He is one of the known rappers in America. His net worth is $6 million approximately. It keeps on increasing every year. Ryan Upchurch is much famous and followed by people in America as well as outside. His songs are very amazing and famous. They got much success all over the world.

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