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The following are some phenomena underground house plans but you must consider.

Rabbit loft

One of the best underground home ideas is the rabbit loft. This design starts with a small opening which is more or less similar to a rabbit loft. However, this kind of underground home does not include a bunch of staircases. Two or three stairs are enough. Generally, this rabbit loft is greater in size having multiple rooms, washrooms, kitchen, and carpentry. Do add a pop of colors and needed accessories. However, the above structure is admirable as per house holding tips.

Nature Lap

You already have heard stairs to heavens However what if we create Stairs to the down heaven? You may create artificial stone slabs stairs that open up into your underground cozy heaven. Your place is all stuffed with rugs, morale’s lamps, and low seating. Don’t forget to keep air holes fire proper ventilation.

Underground palace

None can decide the content of the book by just viewing the cover page. The same goes for the palace underground home. these palaces are loved by those who love mansion bedrooms and luxury dining rooms ideas. So, if you have less space then you should build up another mansion under your house. In underground houses, lighting is the major problem. So add lights in form of lamps. This would be the key element of this palace. The warm blend of light and bright lights would make your furniture glow. Add iconic curtains and statement artifacts.

Cave enlightenment

These underground home ideas are inspired by the mining caves. If you have visited any kind of mining cave, you must have noticed that the interiors of The Cave are always being clustered by rock walls. The same goes for this design. This place is more like a tunnel with rocky walls and low ceilings. However, electric lanterns are used to bring light to the place. This is one of the established designs which include modern furniture and a bonfire pit. The best part of this design that it is very cozy and effective against the outside weather.


One of the best features of earth Sheltered homes is their weather-resistant properties. In different parts of the world, people try similar underground ideas to protect themselves from extreme cold and trespassers. The most popular of them is the igloo oriented idea. Here, in this idea, at the front, you build up an igloo house that opens up into the underground pathway to your living space. However, sticking to the ancient igloo styles, this underground space would be more like a studio apartment with fore pits, heavy stone flooring, and animal skin posters.

Green land

Although, this is one of the weird underground home designs they are someone’s dream project. If you love greenery and want to preserve nature, why don’t you try living underground with flourishing vines, tree trunks, and lots of grass? Although it may look funky and you would feel that it is a forest design idea. However, by proper care and management, you can turn your house a beautiful green space under the ground.

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