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There’s something about white spaces that is both modern, traditional, and aesthetically beautiful. Whites in home decor are trending and look so grand and welcoming. If you love this timeless color, pair it with some aesthetic decor to bring the best out of it.

So, here’s a list of amazing ideas for how you can decorate your white living room. Let’s have a look!

How can you Add Color to the White Living Room?

To add a pop color to your white living room, you can try shades that look fabulous on white. You can bring these accent colors through decor or by creating an accent wall. Some of the colors are that go well with white are:

  • Shades of Blue
  • Shades near to red, burgundy, brown, etc.
  • Yellow
  • Shades of fluorescent green
  • Pastels etc.

So, different ways to create an accent wall are:

Try Wallpapers

To add colors to the white living room, you can use pretty wallpapers available in all colors, patterns, and textures. You can install them in a single day, and they are readily removable. Then, create an accent wall with striking contrasting colors and patterns to balance the white palette.

Try Wooden Accents

Add some wooden accents if you want to mix contemporary with a little traditional touch. For example, you can add wood paneling like shiplap panels to one wall. Give it a nice wooden color, having a natural texture. Alternatively, you can repaint it to some pop color too.

Try Texture Paints

Yes, texture paints have prints, designs, and slightly different textures that look good. You can try navy blue, pastel blue, and burgundy colors. It will give your living room character, personality, and radiant vibes.

How do you Brighten up a White Living Room – Add Interesting Decor

If you love to maintain the white color of the walls and want to add pop-through decor, it’s a fantastic idea. On the other hand, you can go for a solid eternal white wall and add hues with some interesting decor. Some of the best ideas are:

Wall Arts

wall painting

Wall arts have numerous benefits, bringing new color, character, layering, focal points, and texture. Available almost in all colors, sizes, styles, patterns, and designs, they look flawless. 

White and shades of blue have deep connections and look modern and elegant. So, you can alter your white walls with interesting navy wall arts, which will give a complete look to your living room. Try a large blank wall, or hang it over furniture. You can go for single, double, or triple pieces.

Metallic Finishes

Metallic finishes in elements like lights, cabinet handles, and art pieces look phenomenal. You can go for brass, golden silver lights, lamp lights, wall sconces, or even hanging lights. Replace your handles of cabinets with metallic fixtures. Also, you can place candle holders and waterworks with metallic colors. It suits the white theme very well and looks very lavish. 

Sprinkle Some Greeney

White and greens are a total yes. Bring house plants with large foliage and pot them on large ceramic vases. You can also go for pots made from organic jute or metals. This greenery beside the sofa or on a pretty corner will complete the look of your living room. In addition, indoor plants have air-purifying properties and stay fresh with little care.

Let Mirrors do the Talking

Mirrors, framed and unframed, look majestic in the white living room. You can pair it with a console and keep essentials, books, small pots, and candles on the console. Then, mount the mirror just above it. Mirrors add shine, reflection, and lots of space to a living room. Also, you can opt for large framed mirrors with metallic carved frames. Mirrors look fancy and give an illusion of a larger space due to reflection.

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