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Basically, Mason jars are transparent glass vessels with numerous purposes. They are heat resistant and handy. Likewise, they come with a screw and airtight top that make them best for their purposes. That is why you can find them help full from the kitchen to shelves and gardens.

Mason Jars Crafts- What to do with them? More about these jars

Mason jars come in a variety of sizes. However, 4 sizes are extremely popular and easily available.

  1. 32 oz. Quart mason jars
  2. 16 oz. Pint Mason jars
  3. 08oz half-pint Mason jars
  4. 04oz half quarter Mason jars

Hence, one can mark them as the jack of all trades. Following are some of their best-known uses.

Kitchen Assistance

From the old times, these jars are the canning vessels for all kitchens. In other words, they are containers for storing lentils, beans, grains, and other edible items. The unbreakable glass and airtight screws never let edibles rot out. Especially quart and pint canning jars are the profound utensils.

Cooking Manson Jars Crafts

Have you ever cooked in the glass? If yes, then you can use these mason jars for your next time cooking. Their extreme weather resistance make them the survivors of oven and freezing recipes. So, you can try out all those viral cup recipes of the social media platforms.

Extra Serving glasses

If you are running out of serving glasses, then these mason jars would come for rescue. They are trendy mocktail glasses these days. Just put an umbrella straw and a fruit slice on the containers’ lip and here you go. Your smoothie jars are ready to meet your guests.

Mason Jars Crafts for your Garden

Apart from storage purposes, Mason jars, are best for your garden. If you are embellishing your home garden then you can utilize half gallon mason jars. They can be best suited for DIY plant pots. You can choose mini Mason jars bulk find floral gardening. Also, use these jars for your garden trellis ideas.

Functional Mason Jars

These jars are not the vessels of the kitchen only. They can be used everywhere when needed. A meaningful use of these jars is to use them as your kitschy soap liquid container for your bathroom. These look pretty stylish on your bath slab. Their flat design with lots of space serves the purpose. Just add a mini shower and forget to refill your containers for a couple of months.

Secondly, you can place anything in these jars. Anything means anything. These jars are the best stationary holders for your kids. However, they are the mew first-aid containers for you.

You can extract more uses by DIY mason jars crafts.

DIY Mason jars

DIY tactics can turn anything into use full accessory. The same goes with these jars. We bring a lighting DIY piece idea for these jars. If you have 3-5 atlas mason jars, follow these easiest steps.

DIY Jar Lamp

  • Firstly, bind these jars with jute.
  • Secondly, attach small bulbs within, by a wire.
  • Lastly, invert them on your table and your combo jar lamp is ready to glow.

You can actually color your transparent jars for multi-shaded lighting. All you would be requiring some color and a pinch of time.

Where to Get them?

You can find mason jars bulk in any local store of your locality. You can order customized mason jars bulk from any electronic warehouse i.e. eBay, Walmart,, or Amazon for sure. If you find some promo code, you would be enjoying huge discount offers too.


Mason jars are all in one. These reusable items would assist you everywhere in the house. Home improvement tips recommend to have such items that have multiple usage and are quite light on your wallet.

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