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Dealing with hair is the most irritating job for everyone. After getting ready, you always will take a few minutes to ponder that what hairstyle tutorial that would go best with your output and or the type of event we are attending to?  Adding salt to injury, your curly hair would become another hard shot in your struggle with especially half up half down hairstyle tutorials. Everyone wants to be perfect but what should we do with our curly and frizzy hair?

Moreover, if it is winter or extreme summers outside, you can do nothing but make your hair into a bun instead of any beautiful hairstyle. However, we are taking you on a journey in which you can know about the best Half up half down hairstyle tutorials with a twist so fasten your seatbelts and here you go.


12 Top Half Up Half Down Hairstyle That Look Pretty for Every Hair

1. Two Mini Buns

Try out the mini bun Half up half down hairstyle tutorial for your crazy hair. It includes a small goofy buns tutorial. For this, use a tail comb. Bifurcate your hair into two portions. make two messy buns. Do secure them with bobby pins. Comb the leftover hairs. Do adorn your buns with a period hairband.

mini buns

2. High Centre Bun

Who does not want to be a classy hairstylist when it comes to curly hair?  Rolling your hair in high centered bun does not only accelerate your classy look but also make you ever ready for the red carpet. It would be a  must thing; comb your hair before starting up. Select the highest point to make a bun. Probably a Messy one. secure it with two pins use a hair wet spray and you are ready to rock the walk away.

3. Bun with a Weaver

Unfortunately, buns with thin hair do not look good. So, for this use a weaver. This half up half down hairstyle tutorial is for naturally curly hair. The use of weaver makes your hair look thicker. So make a sleek bun behind your head slide past your curly layers around your neck. Also, use your locks from your temples as your new head beautifiers. 

weaver bun

4. Braided Bun

Open for a fancy hairdo that looks ceremonial for the wedding season?

Comb the hair nicely, leading to giving a natural volume to your hair. Otherwise, straighten your hair. You can even use a hair serum for a better and clean look. Using the Tail comb, diagonally divide your head into three portions. Make thin pleated braids. Then make a high-end ponytail. Turn it into a Trophy ban make sure it is clean and no baby hairs are coming out. Cover it with the braids of the other portions.

braided bun

5. BohoChic open Braided

BohoChic fervor is everywhere. However, your animal spirit is not confined to your BohoChic house designs; but can be represented through your Half up half down hairstyle tutorials. Even if you are not a perfect hairdresser, this Boho-chic hairstyle is just for your luck as it has no set patterns or a cornerstone style. You can simply start by taking thick shoots into a braid. Even you are not a master of braiding; make more twists and turn it like a braid.

Do use simple Black bobby pins after making your messy braids. Now take hair shoots behind the ears and repeat the same procedure.  Make horizontal rough braids in the same fashion at least  3 to four times. It is time taking  Half up half down hairstyle tutorials but majestic. For a more catchy look, style your hair with small lavender petals.  After adorning your hair, you are ready with your party gown.

6. Sleek Pin Braid Hairdo

Getting late for office or a sudden party mode? Still, you need to work a lot with your curly hair then this Half up half down hairstyle tutorial would just be your time saver

Do not worry. Just raise your comb and start brushing all your head. It is important for your clean look. Quickly push all your hair towards the back. Leaving 2 inches from the forehead, make a sleek boundary with bobby pins if you are having a Ribbon or a hairband it would go just the best. Use it and leave all your hair open. Although it is a very easy design,  this would enhance all your look.sleek pin braid

7. Jungle Braids

Jungle braids is another perfect hairdo for extra money or even if you are going for a brunch. Though it takes some arm energy but the result is so beautiful that you would fall in love with it. So let us check out Half up half down hairstyle curls tutorial.

8. Braided Hairband

Planning to go for a beach hunt? A braided hairband would let you survive all day without fading your sun-kissed charm. Make two braids; each behind the ear. Roll both braids in the shape of a hairband. Pull them tightly; making sure they stay in place all day. Secure and enjoy the water splash. By following this Half up half down hairstyle tutorial, your hair is not going anywhere.

9. Backcombing

Want to have a trendy Half up half down hairstyle tutorial that becomes a eye catch with minimal possible effort? Try out the tact of back combing. Make a puff with heavy combing. You may leave some locks swaying around your face. Leave your hair free in the air.


10. Twisting – The king of Half Up Half Down Hairstyle Tutorials

Twisting is fun, right? This hair tutorial is so easy that you can finish it being in your car or sitting on your lounger. For this, you need frizzy or curly hair; just as you have. Twist two hair sections from the front. Connect them at the back. So, easy is not that? However, the twist to retwist the final knot to get a strong hairdo texture. Twist the half down hair for a blended look.

11. Double Half Tails

Wanna go beyond trends?  If you have bushy hair; do try these classy crochet inspired hair dos. Wrap your front hair at the back. Use a blow dryer to have a fluffy front look. Comb the left over in two half hair tails. This is one of the stand out Half up half down hair tutorial.

12. Half Twisty Tail

A common way to stand out is to try your hair in a beautiful half up half down hairstyle tutorial. It is a half ponytail hairdo. It is completely studios. Seamlessly, provides a perfect look for any kind of hangout either it is in the morning or evening. However, here you will learn a new hair tutorial with a twist. Divide 3 sections. Scoop off the front section of the hair.

The second section of your hair would be brushed in a ponytail. The third section would be remained as open as usual. The left of the first portion would be curled up and used as a slight puff. The spot where you secure your perfect puff with a Bobby pin. Use a big flower to beautify your look even you can use a headband instead of a flower.


Hair is always a blessing for everyone. Do not get exhausted playing with your hair with easy tutorials. Feel beautiful no matter what your hair type is; do not forget to try all hair up hair down hairstyle tutorials.


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