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Decorating home is the hidden love of everyone. Even You also want to design your house with your own hands. However, it is not always possible. The first reason is budget. Not everyone affords to decorate his house with a lot of money. It is a matter of fact that even spending a lot of money does not give you a personal feel. So, Let us discuss DIY canvas painting ideas.

When I use the term DIY, you would be thinking of some used bottles or trash craft. Frankly, all this stuff takes a lot of effort. Still, they do not look classy and costly. Also, you may have noticed your simple walls. So, what can be the solution for your walls for a personal yet trendy finish?

The answer is the Best painting ideas for Artistic Home décor.

Amazing DIY canvas is the one who brings your imagination to your wall. Still, it is modern, artistic, and do not need much money or effort. So, why not try that? The reason is art and craft things have now become so boring and low-budgeted techniques.

Some Amazing DIY Canvas Painting Ideas for Home Décor:

For this purpose, I am sharing with you some amazing DIY ideas for artistic home décor.

Spray Brush Canvas

This is one of the top listed techniques which are used by even professional artists. What you have to do, is wet your brush with some paint in water.  With the scratch-off of your finger, spray the paint droplets onto the canvas drawing. The only thing is to remember while you sprinkle, should be in limits and according to the scenery you are painting. For beginners, you can try abstract spraying too.

Spray Brush Painting Ideas

Abstract Art Canvas Painting

It is one of the easiest DIY canvas painting ideas. All you have to think of a pattern( anything you want.) Try to carve it with your brush while carving the design onto the canvas paper. Avoid neatness. Think of the themes and colors too. Likewise, give rise to your imagination as far as possible. Abstract art is a wonderful way of painting your thoughts onto the paper which needs no specific rules. Show your passion through the mere strokes of the brush. So, start painting with anything eagerly. Proudly hang your prowess.

Abstract Canvas Arts

Smudging – The new idea

 If you are up to DIY canvas painting ideas then why not smudging? In smudging tactic, you should roughly paint a scene on the canvas. With the help of your fingers or some foam,  give a beautiful pattern to your painting. The painting reappears as if it is painted on frosted glass. For the final touch, paste your portrait cut out.

However, for smudging, you should try this technique on rough papers before putting on the canvas sheet.

Art of Shading – Canvas for Home décor

The art of shading makes the super easy canvas a fun. Many people consider it is a tough job. However, it is as simple as a piece of cake. All you have to do is paint in lines on your canvas. For every row, you should use the lighter shade of the color. For instance, one of the best canvas painting ideas is to have the darkest violet and end up using a light lilac color. Put some paper flowers, stickers, or pearls to adorn your painting further.

DIY canvas patterns

Are you a ‘less is more’ person? this is an amazing idea for artistic home décor. Think of your favorite pattern or shape. Paint your canvas with one color. Put masking tape and divide your canvas sheet into sections. Paint with another color. Let the painting get dry. For details, draw your favorite shape or alphabet. You can use spraying too.

Remover masking tape and your DIY canvas for home décor is ready.

Painting Canvas Ideas

Copy-paste For your super easy DIY canvas

It is the world’s best Painting Ideas for Artistic Home Décor.

Select a painting of your choice. At the start, do not choose a tough with lots of details. Try to choose a simple one. Try to copy-paste it. However, how you can copy like a professional?

You will get the answer down below.

Super easy steps for you for following canvas painting ideas?

Everyone wants his painting to be perfect. It is the wish of everyone that whosoever looks at their canvas painting, consider it professional. Indeed, a wonderful home décor piece. However, not everyone is the master of DIY convince painting. We are sharing a simple step by step process on which you can apply different techniques of painting to stun your guests. 

What do you need?

To fastly set off for DIY Home décor painting, you should need the following items

  • A smooth aisle
  • One flat brush for wide-angle painting,
  • a medium-sized bushy brush for carving and sketching. this brush would work well with spring.
  • You also have all the small brush to add details.
  • Generally, people use white hard pages to start their painting. However, it is a very good idea to use canvas sheets rather than hard paper. This would give you a professional painter’s look.
  • Paints, of course.


For effective canvas painting ideas, follow this process.

Use a 2B pencil with an unsharpened lead. Roughly draw the characters on the canvas. This will help you to paint more clearly and effectively. At amateur level, cover the margins with masking tape. So that you can get a more cleaned look for your painting.

You can also use stencils if you are not good with pencil sketching. These stencils will give you a fine drink of whatever you want to draw.

Things you should not do while using DIY canvas painting ideas

Do not raise your pencil sketching. Also, do not sketch so hard that the pencil-drawn sketch remains visible even after your final painting. Do not use much water on your canvas. Use oil-based colors. They are easy to maintain and have fewer drips.Oil Painting Ideas

So, what are you waiting for? Try all Canvas painting ideas.

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