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Why choose the right size? Are not all beds for sleep?

Indeed, beds are meant for sleeping purposes. However, the right bed sizes make you have good sleep.  Dimensions matter a lot. Most of the people don’t consider the fact that their height must be adequate with their bed size. If you have not an appropriate bed then you have to curl down to get fit into your bed.

Likewise, a perfect bed size lets you sleep in the perfect proportion. According to the house holding tips, a correct bed size not only beautifies the room space but’s also the coziest element in the room. Remember! A bed is your longtime partner in your room.

Therefore select the perfect bed size for yourself. Never compromise on your sleep, comfort, and backache.

How to choose the right bed size for yourself!

Still, people are getting confused when selecting the right bed size for themselves. The market is full of options that more perplex our minds. Whom we should seek help? Should we talk with an interior designer or connect with a doctor?

Giggle! Selecting the best sizes is not that tough. Just go through the following factors and you would be able to have your right bed. See if you are sleeping on the wrong bed or not?

  • The number of sleepers

First of all, decide how many people are going to sleep on a particular bed. Either you are buying a bed for yourself!? Or need a just married bed? What about a pet for your couple size bed?

Think about your pet and children as well. Yet each requirement would straightaway affect the size of your bed.

  • Height

Whosoever is the sleeper does not matter but the height does.!. The reason is, if you are a heightened person, you may not be adjusted in a simple twin size bed. There are specific bed sizes for taller people.

Similarly, if you are buying a bed for a couple, you may go for California Kings and queen-size beds. Adding to it, beds are made on custom orders. So do not worry.

  • The right proportion

Most people think that having a long bed would be enough for a night of perfect baby sleep. According to the doctors, it is recommended that a bed should not be too large for the person. An appropriate size would always let you sleep in order. As a result, you would be able to avoid body pains only if you have the correct bed for you.

  • Room Size

Apart from sleeper number, height, and right proportion, you must keep your room size in mind. You cannot afford to let your bed cover the entire space in your room. However, if you are following mansion bedroom designs you may select a California King or twin XL in case, you are a single sleeper.

Otherwise, choose simple Queen size beds for yourself. Likewise, select the best sizes according to the theme and interiors off your bedroom.

However, Home improvement tips ask to get a comfortable, perfect size bed in the adequate price range, no more or less. 

Types of Popular bed sizes

The following includes Queen vs king vs double dimensions. These would help for a better choice.

Twin Size Dimensions

Generally, twin size beds are for single sleepers or children. There are causal dimensions of 38*75. However, you can select  XL bed sizes with a dimension of 38*80, if you are tall or want to keep your baby/pet with you.  These beds are best for small rooms, dorms, or kids’ place.


Full Bed Sizes

These are also known as standard bed sizes. They come in either 53 by 75 or 54 by 80 dimensions. The latter supports more area to sleep. If you are selecting guest room furniture, keep full beds as a special mention.

California Bed Sizes

California bed sizes are best known for their humongous size and comfort. They are specially designed for people who are tall or need more space to sleep. Such beds come either in King size dimensions which are 72 by 84 or Olympic queen size style. The California Queen size measures are 66*80.

You may also find Simple King or queen size beds. They come under the range of 74*80 and 60*80.

So, enjoy a lot of space with your beloved, kids, and pets.

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