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Trea Young Net Worth, Biography, Early Life, Career, Girlfriend – Trae Young is an American veteran basketball player. He is nicknamed as Ice Trae. Trea plays for Atlanta Hawks. He was born on May 12, 1998 in Texas. Although he is small in stature, yet he is considered as a dangerous player for his opponents. In 2018, he stood 5th in the ranking of National Basketball Association (NBA). He started playing at the school level in Norman High School and after that he played for University of Oklahoma. In the first three years of his admission to the Atlanta Hawks, he played so well that his performance led his team to the Eastern Conference Finals.

trea young net worth

What is Veteran Basketballer Trae Young Net Worth?

Trae Young’s net worth is estimated to be around $20million. His major earnings come from Atlanta Hawks but he has also signed many endorsement deals with various brands like Old Spice, Sports & Health Drink Company, Bodyarmor, Watch Company, Tissot, Restaurant Company, Chipotle, eBay, and Fortnite. His average yearly income is around $6 million.

Young’s earning started before he was drafted into NBA. His first ever deal was with Adidas of worth $1.8million. He then made $5.3 million during his season with the Hawks. Trae Young played in All Star game in Chicago and made $ 5.8 million. Trae Young has signed a max rookie deal that can yield him $173 million dollars and can increase up to $207 million if he succeeds in making an All-NBA Team this season. The deal has been made for the upcoming 2022-2023 NBA Season.

Parents and Siblings of Trae Young:

Trae Young is the son of Rayford and Candice Young. He has one brother and two sisters. His brother’s name is Tim, and his two sisters’ names are Caitlyn and Caimryn. He is elder than his brother but younger than his two sisters. His father Rayford was also a basketballer who played both at local as well as international level in Europe.

Physique of Trae Young:

Trae Young has an athletic physique. His height is 6 feet 2 inches and weight is almost 81 kg. Being a health conscious basketball player, Trae Young is very selective in his diet. He does exercise 5 days a week. His exercise plan includes resistance training, core workout, lifting, plyometrics, hip flexor stretching, and high skips.

What are Trae Young’s Assets?

Trae Young loves to spend his earnings on watches, cars, jewelry, and mansion. In 2019, he bought his luxurious mansion of worth $1.5 million. It is very spacious mansion having area of about 8000 square feet. This luxurious mansion has the facilities of swimming pool, spacious bedrooms and a 7 car garage. Trae Young is also famous for his luxurious cars collection. He purchased his first car Audi R8 in 2018. Trae Young also own a black beauty Mc Laren of worth $0.3 million. Being a watch lover and a partner of Tissot watch brand, he a variety of Tissot watches. His Cartier Santos watch is the most expensive among his collection. It costs around $40k.

Who is Trae Young’s Girlfriend?

A lot of fans were wandering on the social media to know about the girlfriend of the NBA star Trae Young. Young took to instagram in 2017 to announce his engagement with Shelby Miller. Although Shelby Miller seems to be a low key public figure, yet Trae Young loves her the most and it is obvious from hi instagram posts. She was Young’s university fellow in Oklahoma University. After that she worked as a cheerleader in the first round of NBA draft 2018. Both Trae and Shelby Miller have been dating each other for 5 years.

Achievements of Trae Young:

Trae Young made started his career on 17th of October in 2018. He is considered as an all time achiever in the basketball history. His first match was against New York Knicks. In his third game he managed to score splendid 35 points against the Cleveland Cavaliers. At the end of the season, Young scored an impressive 49 points against Chicago Bulls. In the 2019-20 session, Young played against Indiana Pacers and scored 49 points against them. He was selected in the NBA All-Star team due to his stunning performances.

He then played against Miami Heat and managed to make a record of splendid 50 points. This was the first 5o of his career. Trae Young won All Rookie First Team award in 2018-2019. He also won All Star Game Award twice in 2020 and 2022. Young’s focus is not on just money and fame; he is willing to make the Hawks a successful franchise. In an interview he said, my utmost desire is to make my franchise a winning franchise once again.

Trae Young’s Donations and Charity:

Trae Young along with his family founded a charity foundation known as Trae Young Family Foundation in 2019. The purpose of this foundation was to spread peace of mind by standing against social media bullying and other unethical cyber attacks. Mental health is the main agenda of this foundation.

In the mid of 2020, Trae Young and his family helped a multi-sport facility by donating almost $4 million, which is the largest donation in the history of city. The sports facility was then named as The Young Family Center. The Trae Young Family Foundation never skips any opportunity to give back to those who need it the most.

Trae Young’s Comparison with Stephen Curry:

Trae Young is widely compared with Golden State Warrior’s superstar Stephen Curry. Stephen is impressed with Young’s talent and basketball skills. In an interview, Curry said that the way Young plays is impressive and mind blowing. He adds creativity to the game. When he has the basketball in his hand, he tries to do everything with it. Trae Young also appreciated the words of Stephen Curry publicly.

Trae Young and his Tattoo:

He has got some tattoos on his legs, arms, and belly. It seems like he is a tattoo lover.

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