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In this article we’ll tell you about Pokemon go bravest bird ticket, Pokemon go community day ticket, rocky Road ticket, and how to get tickets for Pokemon to go. Also, we will tell you that is there any possibility of Pokemon go 2. Pokemon go is a game that is free to play. In this game, we can enjoy a lot of fun and adventurous things. Pokemon discover different amazing and adventurous things at every moment.  There are also other facilities for purchasing different features to enjoy the game more effectively.

You can play this game on PC and PlayStation. It features a lot of interesting characters like Pikachu. It was launched in 2016 by Niantic. This app is supported by both Android and IOS devices. Another interesting fact about Pokemon go is that there are a lot of tickets like the bravest bird ticket, community day ticket, and many more. All these tickets are worth buying and you can enjoy various events in this game. Pokemon go bravest bus ticket comes only in a price tag of just $1.

What is the Pokemon Go Bravest Bird Ticket

What is the Pokemon Go Bravest Bird Ticket:

Now we will tell you what is Pokemon go bravest bird ticket is. Pokemon go bravest bird ticket can be purchased at a price of just $1. It allows game lovers to complete the different tasks of the game in a very short span of time and earn extra rewards.  Pokemon go arranges different events like in March 2021 and 6 March 2021.

The task which is required in the Pokemon go bravest bird ticket is powering up the Pokemon 10 x, catching 15 flashing encounters, and making 5 nice throws.  If you are capable of completing the above-mentioned task you will be provided with 1000 Stardust and 10 pineap berries. Pokemon also arranges the bravest bird event which was held from March 15 to March 20 in 2022.

Is the Pokemon go bravest bird ticket worth it:

Now we will tell you if the Pokemon go bravest bird ticket is worth it.  It comes in a price tag of only $1. So, it is not a very expensive ticket. So we will suggest that it is worth it. By buying this Pokemon go bravest bird ticket you will get a chance to experience various bonuses, increased fletchling spawns, boosted Shiny odds, and different amusements.

From this ticket, you will be awarded 120 fletchling candy, 5 silver pineapple berries, a rocket radar, a poffin, 13500 Stardust, and many more. All these awards will be somehow similar to the previous about but there will also be a pretty difference.

Pokemon go fletchling community day ticket:

Now we will tell you about the Pokemon go fletchling community day tickets. This day is celebrated on March 6 at a local time of 5 p.m.  If we talk about various features of this event, you are provided with a chance of purchasing a ticket for special research. This ticket is basically known as the bravest bird which helps you in completing your tasks and earning rewards.

It costs you almost $1 which is not very expensive and is worth it. If you want to purchase pokecoins the special box has 480 coins and Ultrabox has 1480 coins. For buying this ticket you will just have to click on the bravest bird ticket and then tap buy to complete your purchase. Fletchling day is basically a community day in which you are given chance to purchase the bravest bird ticket.

Pokemon go rocky road ticket:

Another ticket is also very interesting and we are going to discuss the Pokemon go Rocky Road ticket. On the Pokemon go community day which was celebrated on March 21 this year in 2022 from 11 a.m. to 2 p.m. local time, special research stories were provided to the game lovers.

It also featured a rock-type Pokemon and the game lovers will have to purchase a ticket to enjoy the amusement of this feature. It costs only $1 which is not very expensive and is worth it. An interesting fact about the Rocky Road ticket is that it was of the character and evolve Alolan Geodude into Alolan Graveler and finally into Alolan Golem.

How to get Pokemon to go bravest bird ticket:

Now we will tell you how to get Pokemon to go bravest bird ticket.  It can be purchased by the following steps. Initially, you have to open Pokemon go and then click on the Pokemon wall button at the center of the screen. Then you will see a shop button at the top of the shop page. You will have to take the ticket for Rocky Road and the bravest bird ticket.

From here you will reach a purchase page. By simply entering the buy button the Purchase page appears. After pressing the pay button you will need to finish the transaction by paying through apple pay or Google. It can also be purchased by using debit or credit card or Paypal services. An interesting fact about this is that it can only be done on community days.

Will there be any Pokemon go 2:

Fans of Pokemon go are anxiously searching for whether will there be any Pokemon go 2. So, now we will tell you if will there be any Pokemon go 2.  In a recent meeting of Pokemon go management it was discussed that there is critical mass saturation and we are deciding to make a full sequel of Pokemon go in the form of Pokemon go 2.

Making a sequel to a game needs a lot of effort and research. Currently, we are unable to know how much time will be required to launch Pokemon Go 2 but if we get any news will update you immediately. This meeting has shared happiness among the fans of Pokemon go and they are hoping to get Pokemon go 2 in the near future.

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