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Best Soft Top Style for Your Jeep

As a Jeep owner, you probably want to take advantage of all the driving options available to you. Therefore, you likely appreciate having a Jeep Wrangler soft top. However, if your Jeep didn’t come with a soft top from the factory or you need to replace your old top, these are a few things you should know.

Framed Wrangler Soft Tops

Framed Wrangler soft tops are more rigid because they have a metal frame. They also increase your headroom because the frame holds the material up, preventing drooping. Although they are more expensive and difficult to install and remove, you can replace only the material if you get a rip in your top.

Frameless Wrangler Soft Tops

Frameless soft tops are generally cheaper than their framed counterparts. They are not rigid and can be quickly installed and removed. You can actually replace individual panels if they get damaged. Because they lack the rigidity of a frame, you lose some headroom. In addition, they tend to be louder when you drive at high speeds. However, these soft tops can add a sporty look to your Jeep.

Newer frameless soft tops may have separate fiberglass, plastic or metal supports you can mount to increase your rear seat headroom. These tops also tend to have a bikini top built-in, making it easier to remove your rear windows.

Factory Soft Tops

When you purchase your Jeep, it may come with a factory soft top. This product along with all your Jeep’s factory parts is produced by Mopar. You typically have two fabric options and may come in standard colors. If you typically drive with rear passengers, these may be the best options because they have stronger assemblies and crossbars.

Aftermarket Soft Tops

If you are looking for an aftermarket wrangler soft top for sale, you have a few more options. You can choose frameless or framed, different style types, custom colors and alternate fabrics.

Style Options

Soft tops come in a wide variety of styles. You can choose a bikini top that keeps your Jeep open to fresh air because it only covers the very top. If you want added versatility, you can choose a flip top, which allows you to fold back the panel over the driver’s seat to let in some sun. Half tops are great options if you want a truck-like appearance because they do not cover your cargo area.

You can find soft tops in a variety of materials as well. Choose from vinyl and denim to sailcloth and twill, with twill being the most expensive and durable. Wrangler soft tops also come in a few different colors, from traditional black and tan to grey and blue. Some manufacturers also offer red and custom-colored soft tops.


When you invest in a soft top, be prepared to maintain it. These accessories need regular cleaning with warm water and mild detergent. You can also find specialty cleaning and protection that is customized to your top.

As you shop for your new Jeep Wrangler soft top, you may also take a look at other exterior Jeep accessories that can improve your driving experience.

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