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In this article, we will tell you about the 7 cool futuristic cities in the world. Futuristic cities are basically the cities which have the most technological advancements like flying vehicles, underground paths, super-connected areas, modern bridges, and other technological facilities. These cities portray the best use of the internet and technology like artificial intelligence.

7 Cool Futuristic Cities in the World - Tokyo, Dubai, Hong Kong, Toronto

7 Cool Futuristic Cities in the World:

Currently, there are many cities in the world which present the picture of futuristic cities like Los Angeles, Bangalore, Brasilia, San Francisco, Masdar, Shanghai, Tokyo, and many others.

Most Futuristic city Tokyo Japan:

Tokyo which is the capital of Japan is among the most futuristic cities in the world. Soon after World War 2, the technological development of Tokyo Japan multiplied many times. It provides the facilities of all the technological and advanced luxuries. Tokyo is famous for its robots, satellites, Metropolis, artificial intelligence, and autonomous cars. It has started using artificial intelligence in the sectors of Health and safety which remained very helpful in the time of COVID to maintain social distancing and overcome the disease. Tokyo also features the world’s most luxurious restaurants and buildings which attracts tourists from all around the world.

Most Futuristic city Hong Kong China:

Another most futuristic city in the world on our list is Hong Kong China. Hong Kong is considered the financial key of China due to its skyscraping buildings having more than 15 floors. Maximum economical and financial transactions of China are done through this city Hong Kong.

Various futuristic facilities of Hong Kong are artificial intelligence, 22 hectare Science Park, robots and Hitech infrastructure. Various restaurants in Hong Kong have started using reports for the service of their customers. It also features the most expensive penthouses in the world.

How is Dubai a futuristic city of the world:

Dubai United Arab Emirates is also considered the futuristic city of the world so now we will tell you how is Dubai a futuristic city in the world. It features all the modern facilities like tall buildings, Sky bridges, skyscrapers, underwater restaurants, and luxurious beaches.

An interesting fact about Dubai is that it is going to manufacture a city which will be fully air-conditioned to save people from the scorching hot weather. Its famous beach like Palm Jumeirah Beach features a beautifully memorable experience for the tourist.

Burj Khalifa is another example of technological development which features a rooftop pool, restaurants, luxurious bar, and other facilities. Millionaires from all around the world visit this place to enjoy the technological advancement and modernity of this place.

Is San Francisco Futuristic city:

Another City that comes to our mind when we think about futuristic cities is San Francisco. So now we will tell you is San Francisco futuristic City. It is located in the United States and it is considered the Silicon Valley of California. It is home to various giant Tech companies like Facebook, Twitter, and Google. Many space programs that NASA conducts are carried out from San Francisco.

It features many luxurious restaurants and buildings that offer all the facilities of the modern-day under a single roof. Employees and students from all around the world visit this place due to its significance. If we talk about history there are many campaigns and movements which were initiated in the city.

The Futuristic City in Asia, Banglore:

When we talk about futuristic cities the continents that come to our mind are Europe and America. But now we will tell you about the futuristic city in Asia Bangalore. It is located in India and is famous for many high tech companies. It is also called the Silicon Valley of India.

In recent years a huge surge in the development of the IT sector has been observed in Bangalore. Many Hitech multinational companies like Tesla, Toyota, Nokia, Philips, Dell, and Apple have their offices in Bangalore. Various futuristic projects which present a picture of architecture and planning are going to be completed in the coming few years.

Due to the development of this city, people call it the pub capital of India. The technological development of India can be seen from the fact that various managers of tech companies belong to India


Although Singapore is not a very big city still it has all the facilities of the modern age. Its name is included in the modern cities of the world due to its development. It was previously part of the UK Japan and Malaysia and it got independence in 1965. The education system of Singapore is up to the mark and it is performing very well in the corruption perception index. The laws of this city are also very strict for example if you chew bubblegum and dispose of it properly and you will be fined up to 1000 dollars.

In fact, If you do not dispose of the bottles and cans properly you will have to face the court for your negligence. If we talk about the environmental protection strategies of Singapore, it is considered the most environmentally friendly city in the world. It features various beautiful beaches like Marina Bay which attracts tourists from all around the world.

Is Toronto a futuristic city:

Toronto is among the cities which are famous for the best use of artificial intelligence. Now we will tell you is Toronto a futuristic city. Toronto is located in Canada and it is the hub of Artificial Intelligence and Technology. People from different countries like Brazil and India are hired in Toronto for technological companies. The skyscrapers that were built in the past century present a perfect picture of history. Toronto is a very diverse city as almost 250 ethnicities lives here.

Toronto is adhering to its motto “Diversity is our strength” in a perfect manner. The banking system of Canada Toronto is adopting artificial intelligence techniques to avoid any error and fraud. If we talk about different modern city facilities like buildings, restaurants, and shopping malls, Toronto features all in a single City. Tourists from all around the world visit this place to enjoy the nightlife and picturesque beauty of this city.

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