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Waking up to a nice cooked breakfast in bed can only get one to fall in love with his or her partner all over again. It is a beautiful way of showing your partner that you care and appreciate them. The kind gesture helps one to kickstart the day in a jolly mood even if they are not a morning person.

Breakfast in bed is a traditional way of showing how much you love someone be it on valentine’s day, mother’s day, or any other day. There are plenty of recipes online that you can try as you plan to surprise them. Don’t forget to include a handwritten note or a rose to make it special. Below are some of the ways you can make breakfast in bed fun and relaxing for your partner.

1. Consider Their Comfort

Your loved one’s comfort should be a priority because having breakfast in an uncomfortable bed will not make anything easier. You could start by adding some pillows behind their back as you help them sit up. You can also ensure they are sleeping on a nice comfortable mattress that allows them to sleep soundly at night.

A good mattress is very important for people with back pains as it promotes proper spinal alignment. Therefore consider buying a new bed for your loved one to have better breakfast in bed moments. Click here to find mattresses for side sleepers with back pain.

Ensure that you prepare a meal that will not be fussy to eat, or get the covers filled with crumbs. An egg yolk drizzling on the covers may cause more stress than relaxation.

2. Make it Spontaneous

Never let your partner know what you’re planning because the element of surprise makes it even more interesting. You’ll therefore need to prepare earlier by ensuring that you have all you need to make the morning event a success. Ensure that you’re quiet as you prepare it or add some background noise so that they don’t hear kitchen noises.

It doesn’t have to be your anniversary or valentine’s day to surprise them, it can be any other day of the week. This surprises them even more and makes them feel treasured and loved. You can even decide to cancel the rest of your day just to spend it with them.

Remove any distractions like phones or work-related issues to make the event sweeter. You can decide to binge-watch your favorite series together or plan for outdoor activity that is fun and engaging for both of you.

3. Create a Theme

Depending on the nature of the occasion, create a theme for breakfast to make your loved one even happier. You can decide to make heart-shaped pancakes if it’s an anniversary or valentine’s period. To sweeten the surprise customize the theme with something that your loved one adores like the autumn season or Disney.

Prepare their favorite foods and never forget to bring them coffee. If you’re not good at brewing, dash to their favorite coffee shop or go to the farmers market to get their preferred drink.

You can also include nice decor accents such as fresh flowers and fruits. They help you to create a pleasant atmosphere for them to enjoy. You could also buy a B&B sign to place on your wall for an added touch.

4. Add Some Entertainment

Morning breakfast with some entertainment feels very fulfilling. If your partner loves to have a more peaceful and quiet environment, give exactly that. But if they like to have entertainment, bring a book or laptop to watch a movie or two with them. If you decide to involve kids, have them write a nice note or clean up their toys to make the house feel less stressful.

The idea is to keep it simple and nice at the same time. Whatever the entertainment you’re planning for don’t overdo it. You may as well pick up your camera and take family photos to capture some of the more candid moments.

Set a Nice Scene

Breakfast in bed needs to be special and your partner should feel relaxed and warm. Ensure you have all things necessary to make the event a success. See that your loved one is comfortable by ensuring that you have the right kind of bed and mattress. Never forget to have some flowers, coffee, and a little bit of entertainment.

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